Tom Steyer and Margie Sullivan: Billionaire Democratic Donors, Fusion GPS Clients And Hillary's "Special Friends"



Billionaire Democratic donor Tom Steyer, "Impeach Trump" ad. (Youtube screen grab)   Billionaire Democratic donor Tom Steyer, "Impeach Trump" ad. (Youtube screen grab)

Tom Steyer and Margie Sullivan: Billionaire Democratic Donors, Fusion GPS Clients And Hillary's "Special Friends"

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Years before Fusion GPS became famous for its work on the Trump dossier, the opposition research firm worked for Tom Steyer, the billionaire Democratic donor currently waging a $20 million TV campaign to impeach President Trump.

A Daily Caller investigation reveals that in 2012, Steyer, a hedge fund chieftain and environmental activist, hired Fusion GPS and its founding partner, Glenn Simpson, to conduct an investigation to help pass a ballot initiative aimed at closing a tax loophole for California businesses and funneling money to clean energy projects.

Steyer poured $32 million into “Yes on Prop 39,” a committee he formed to support ballot initiative Proposition 39. The successful campaign made Steyer a rising star in the world of Democratic politics. The party’s most generous donor in the 2016 election cycle — giving more than $90 million to various political action committees — Steyer is said to be considering running for political office.

The connection between Fusion GPS to Steyer and his “Yes on Prop 39” campaign has not been previously reported, and there is almost no public information linking them.

But a Sept. 24, 2012 press release shows that Simpson, a former Wall Street Journal reporter, was part of the “Yes on Prop 39” California Tax Transparency Project team.

The press release touted the Steyer-funded group’s hiring of a team of investigators “to conduct an in-depth inquiry to determine who is responsible for successfully lobbying the state legislature for a corporate tax loophole that rewards out-of-state corporations with tax breaks for creating jobs outside of California.”

In addition to Simpson, the team consisted of Jack A. Blum, an attorney with expertise in financial crimes, former San Diego Tribune reporter Bill Ainsworth, and Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter Russell Carollo.

Simpson, who worked at the Journal until 2009, is billed on the press release as an “investigative reporter” who was the “recipient of several journalism awards.” The announcement makes no mention of his affiliation with Fusion GPS or his occupation as a hired gun opposition researcher.

Simpson did not respond to several requests for comment.

Aleigha Cavalier, a spokeswoman for Steyer at NextGen America, his political action committee, declined to address specific questions for this story. Instead, she falsely alleged that “Republican operatives” leaked details of Steyer’s relationship with Fusion GPS.

Ainsworth, who now works as communications director at the California Department of Education, did not return phone calls seeking comment but responded in an email.

“I did a report in the form of a news article for the campaign while I was between state jobs,” Ainsworth told TheDC. “That’s all I know.”

Carollo, who won a Pulitzer in 1998, worked as a contractor for Fusion GPS filing Freedom of Information Act requests for the firm’s various projects. The arrangement allowed Fusion to keep its name out of the public record, preventing its targets from being tipped off that they were being investigated.

The lack of public information of Fusion’s work for Steyer is no surprise as Fusion has gone to great lengths to shield its involvement in its various projects.

Such was the case with the Trump dossier. Fusion was paid $1.02 million by Perkins Coie, the law firm for the Clinton campaign and DNC. The firm, which has been described as a political mercenary, paid former British spy Christopher Steele $168,000 to produce the salacious and uncorroborated dossier.

The structure of Fusion’s agreement with Perkins Coie, which is similar to its other contracts, allows Fusion to hide behind attorney-client privilege in the event that its work becomes the subject of litigation. (RELATED: Here’s How Much Democrats Paid Fusion GPS For The Dossier)

There is no indication that Fusion GPS, Simpson, or Steyer did anything improper in the “Yes on Prop 39” endeavor. But there is evidence that the initiative has fallen far short of what California voters were promised.

The Associated Press reported in Aug. 2015 that a portion of Prop 39 that promised to created 11,000 clean energy jobs per year had only created 1,700 jobs after three years. And more than half of the $300 million promised to public schools to improve energy efficiency had gone to consultants and energy auditors.


Steyer is not the only billionaire political donor to have hired Fusion, which Simpson founded in 2011 along with two of his former Journal colleagues, Peter Fritsch and Thomas Catan.

The research firm has reportedly done work for Elliott Capital Management, a hedge fund owned by Republican donor Paul Singer. Fusion directed a media outreach campaign to help Elliott Capital in a dispute with the Argentinian government over billions of dollars in sovereign bonds.

Fusion also worked for The Washington Free Beacon, a conservative website funded by Singer, who backed Florida Sen. Marco Rubio for president and was an outspoken critic of Trump’s during the primaries. The Free Beacon hired Fusion in Oct. 2015 to conduct opposition research into Trump. (RELATED: Website Backed By Rubio Donor Hired Fusion GPS To Investigate Trump)

The website asked Fusion to discontinue the Trump research in May 2016 after the real estate mogul won the Indiana primaries. Free Beacon continued working with Fusion on other matters until January, when BuzzFeed published the dossier.

Perkins Coie, the law firm for the Clinton campaign and DNC, hired Fusion in April 2016.

Fusion has kept the rest of its client list a closely held secret, and the oppo firm is fighting a subpoena from the House Intelligence Committee, which is seeking Fusion’s bank records for the past two years.

Fusion worked for Planned Parenthood in 2015 to produce a report aimed at smearing the non-profit group that recorded the pro-abortion group’s doctors and executives discussing the sale of fetal tissue. (RELATED: Oppo Firm Behind The Dossier Is A Hired Gun For Planned Parenthood)

The firm, which is known for its aggressive investigative tactics, also worked for Derwick Associates, a Venezuelan company that has been investigated for bribery. Thor Halvorrsen, the head of the Human Rights Foundation, has said that he was the target of a Fusion GPS-led attack after he began speaking out about Derwick.

Halvorrsen provided testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee earlier this year in which he called Fusion a group of “highly paid smear experts” for falsely accusing him of pedophilia and drug use because of his independent investigation of Derwick. (RELATED: Fusion GPS Are ‘Highly Paid Smear Experts,’ Human Rights Activist Testifies)

Halvorrsen also accused Fusion of pressuring The Wall Street Journal to kill a negative story about the energy firm.

Beginning in 2014, Fusion worked for a Russian businessman implicated in a $230 million money laundering scheme. Fusion’s job on the project was to investigate Bill Browder, a London-based banker who spearheaded the Magnitsky Act, a sanctions law vehemently opposed by the Kremlin. (RELATED: Oppo Researcher Behind Trump Dossier Worked On Pro-Kremlin Lobbying Effort)

Fusion was being paid by BakerHostetler, a law firm for the Russian businessman, Denis Katsyv, at the same time it was on the payroll of the Clinton campaign and DNC.

Browder has accused Simpson of assisting the Kremlin in its efforts to put him in prison over his activism.

“Glenn Simpson knowingly spread false information on behalf of people connected to the Russian government to try to protect Russian torturers and murderers from consequences,” Browder told TheDC earlier this year.

Simpson was working on the Browder investigation alongside Natalia Veseltniskaya, the Russian lawyer who attended the June 9, 2016 Trump Tower meeting with Donald Trump Jr. It was reported last week that Simpson and Veselnitskaya met just before and just after the Trump Tower session.

Simpson has also worked on a research project on behalf of Sheik Khalid bin Saqr al-Qasimi, the former crown prince of Ras al Khaimah, an emirate in the United Arab Emirates.

Simpson is set to testify before the House Intelligence Committee on Tuesday.

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Margaret Sullivan

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

For the journalist, see Margaret Sullivan (journalist). For the writer and journalist, see Margaret Frances Sullivan. For the American actress, see Margaret Sullavan.

Margaret C. Sullivan (born 1962) serves as the U.S. Agency for International Development's (USAID) Chief Operating Officer as well as Chief of Staff. Prior to joining the Obama Administration, she served as Director of Political Risk Management at Farallon Capital Management.,[1] a large investment firm based in San Francisco, California.

Sullivan began her federal career on Capitol Hill, where she served as a Professional Staff Member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and as National Security Adviser to the House Majority Leader. In 1994, Sullivan joined the Clinton administration and served as The Special Assistant to Defense Secretary William Perry, helping to manage his relationship with the White House, Congress and national press corps. At the Department of Housing and Urban Development, she served as West Coast Regional Director and as Chief of Staff for Secretary Andrew Cuomo.[2][3][4] She has also served as Chief of Staff for the United States Trade Representative in the Executive Office of the President.





Early career and education[edit]

Originally from California, Sullivan graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in political science from Stanford University and was a two-year MacArthur Fellow at the University of Maryland where she earned a Master's Degree in public management.[5]

Upon graduation, Sullivan worked as a legislative assistant for Senator Gary Hart from 1984 to 1987. After she served as Congressman Nicholas Mavroules' representative to the Armed Services Committee. She also worked on the staff of House of Representatives Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence in 1991 and as a senior policy advisor to House Majority Leader Richard Gephardt from 1992 to 1994.[6]

Political career[edit]


Sullivan began working as the Special Assistant, the civilian equivalent to the Chief of Staff, to Defense Secretary William Perry in 1994 where she managed the Secretary's relationship with the press corpsthe White House and the United States Congress.[7]

The press debacle during the Somalia operations of the early 1990s,[8] the emergence of the 24-hour news cycle and the widespread adoption of the internet forced the military to alter its interaction with the press corps around military operations.[9]Sullivan and White House advisor David Gergen coordinated the Defense Department and the U.S. military's interaction with the media during the invasion of Haiti.[10][11][12] To protect the lives of U.S. soldiers and ensure the military's strategy was accurately understood by the media, Sullivan coordinated conference calls between the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the network bureau chiefs to brief the media on what the military expected to happen each day in Haiti.[13][14] According to the McCormick Tribune Foundation, this more open model of communication between the press and the military is now commonplace.[15]

Sullivan also helped manage the reorganization of the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS), the agency that provides finance and accounting services for the civil and military members of the Department. In the mid-1990s, the agency allowed municipalities to bid on where the Department would operate DFAS centers. Today, the DFAS operates in 13 cities throughout the United States.[16]

Trade Representative[edit]

Sullivan served as the Chief of Staff to the United States Trade Representative (USTR) Charlene Barshefsky from 1996 to 1997.[17]There she oversaw the day-to-day operations of the office and developed negotiation and lobbying strategies for granting China Permanent Normal Trade Relations status, the 1996 Telecommunications Agreement, and the enforcement measures for the Intellectual Trade Agreement of 1996.

Sullivan helped lead the White House’s effort to gain Congressional approval of Permanent Normal Trade Relations (PNTR) status, which had been a contentious issue in Congress for many years.[18] The passage of Congressional legislation granting China PNTR status cleared the final hurdle for China’s accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2000 and the opening of the country to the world.[19][20] According to the International Monetary Fund, China's GDP has grown at an average rate of 9.9% since being accepted to the WTO.[21]

In her role as Chief of Staff, Sullivan helped manage the USTR office’s role in negotiating the 1996 WTO Telecommunications Agreement which opened worldwide telecommunication markets to competition and set the rules that governed the emerging wireless, cable and fixed-line communications market. The Institute for International Economic estimated the agreement would save consumers $1 trillion by 2010.[22][23][24]

Housing and Urban Development[edit]

Sullivan was appointed to Housing and Urban Development Chief of Staff by Secretary Andrew Cuomo in 1997.[25]

In 1997, Sullivan contributed to HUDs effort to stop bad landlords from taking advantage of federal assistance intended for low income housing.[26][27]

In 1998, she served as the Clinton Administration’s Housing & Urban Development west coast representative. There she managed HUD operational activities throughout the California.

Farallon Capital Management[edit]

Sullivan served as the Director of Political Risk Analysis for Farallon Capital Management, an investment firm with over $20 billion in aggregate capital, from 2000 to 2011. Farallon was founded by Tom Steyer in 1986.[28] Her role included identifying and tracking market opportunities created by regulatory and legislative changes within state and federal governments. She also managed Farallon's communication strategy.[29]

Political activism[edit]

In 2007, Sullivan was part of "The Lincoln Brigade", a Democratic Party task force to kill the California Presidential Electoral College Reform Initiative, a proposed ballot measure that would have appeared on the June 2008 California ballot. The Republican sponsored measure, if passed, would have changed the way California allocates its presidential electoral votes in time for the 2008 presidential election.

She contributed and raised money for the Hillary Clinton for President campaign.[30]

Sullivan was also Co-Chair of the Steering Committee of "No on Proposition 23 Campaign", an effort to save California's clean energy and air pollution control standards, as well as Co-Chair of the Steering Committee of "Californians for Clean Energy Jobs."

Community involvement[edit]

Sullivan helped found and then served on the board of an Oakland-based community development bank, OneCalifornia Bank. The Bank functions as a regulated financial institution, but provides commercial banking services to underserved small and medium-size businesses, nonprofits, affordable-housing developers, community facilities, as well as families and individuals in the Bay Area.[31]

Sullivan also served as a Development Advisory Board Member at Casa Teresa, a home for single pregnant women living on welfare.


Sullivan received the Secretary of Defense’s Distinguished Service Award in 1996.[32] She also received the League of Women Voters-Bay Area Chapter's Women of the Year Award in 2011.

Personal life[edit]

Sullivan lives in Washington, DC.

See also[edit]

Farallon Capital Management
Tom Steyer


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Google, The Podesta's and Clinton/Obama - All The Same Rats


Tyler Durden's picture

by Tyler Durden

In the wake of her staggering defeat last November, several historically large contributors to the Clinton Foundation slashed their donations (see here and here), presumably because they either realized their pay-for-play scam was ruined or they suddenly lost interest in the Foundation's various charitable efforts...we'll let you decide which is more likely. 

But, the Clinton Foundation isn't the only "influence peddler" taking a hit as a result of Hillary's loss.  According to Bloomberg, The Podesta Group, the lobbying firm run by the brother of Hillary's former campaign manager, John Podesta, has just lost a lucrative contract with Google, a key Hillary ally throughout the 2016 campaign. 

After at least 12 years together, Alphabet Inc., the parent of Google, won’t be represented by one of Washington’s most prominent lobbying groups, a firm with long-standing ties to the Democratic party and Hillary Clinton.


The Podesta Group -- whose chairman, Tony Podesta, is a major Democratic fundraiser and the brother of Clinton’s former campaign manager -- is no longer lobbying on behalf of Google, public disclosures show. The change coincided with Google’s bid to hire someone for “conservative outreach,” according to a December job advertisement.

Per Bloomberg, The Podesta Group collected $80,000 in fees from Google in the last 3 months of 2016 alone.

But, the story doesn't end there. Ironically, the firing of The Podesta Group seems to coincide with an exclusive report from the Silicon Valley Business Journal that Eric Braverman, the former Clinton Foundation CEO, had been hired to "oversee the non-investment side of the family office of Alphabet Inc. Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt and his wife, Wendy."



Of course, as many of our readers will remember, Braverman is the Clinton Foundation CEO who abruptly resigned after a short period in office and was speculated, at least by John Podesta and Neera Tanden, to be the insider who told NBC to "follow the money and find the real HRC scandal" (see "Meet The Man Who Can Expose 'The Real Hillary Clinton Scandal'").  Here is an excerpt of what we previously wrote:

Now, new WikiLeaks emails reveal additional details behind the the man, Eric Braverman, who was brought in as CEO by Chelsea to change the controversial practices of the Foundation but abruptly resigned a short time later after being pushed out by long-time Clinton loyalists who had apparently grown very comfortable with the status quo.


Below is the new email exchange which begins when Neera Tanden warns John Podesta to "keep tabs on Doug Band" who she assumed was the insider who told NBC to "follow the money and find the real HRC scandal."  Interestingly, John Podesta writes back quickly to identify the real source as former Clinton Foundation CEO Eric Braverman which seems to be shocking to Tanden who replies simply, "Holy Moses."


Eric Braverman


That said, the announcement also follows a recent Google job listing looking for a new "Conservative Outreach Manager" that would act as a "liaison to conservative, libertarian and free market groups" (see "Google Searches For "Conservative Outreach Manager" After Failing To Elect Hillary").

As a member of Google's Public Policy team, you help shape various product and issue agendas with policy makers inside and outside government. In addition, you will help advise our internal teams on the public policy implications of their products, working with a closely coordinated and cross-functional global team. The role requires significant experience either working with or in government, politics or a regulatory agency as well as an ability to grasp complex technical and policy issues.


As a member of Google's Public Policy outreach team, you will act as Google’s liaison to conservative, libertarian and free market groups. You are part organizer, part advocate and part policy wonk as you understand the world of third-party non-governmental advocacy organizations. You are eager to represent Google among those organizations. You can work a room, tell Google’s story in an elevator or from a podium and work with partner organizations on shared projects to advance Google’s public policy goals.

So, what say you...innocent shift in Google's lobbying effort to target a new Republican administration or sweet retribution for Eric Braverman?  Bit of both?


The Silicon Valley Cartel is more insidious than you thought!

By Alton S.

Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Google, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Craigslist, Tesla, Netflix, Hulu and their executives, owners and employees are rich techno-garchs who do not care one bit about women, blacks, immigrants, green energy, self-driving cars, or any of that SJW feel-good crap aside from how much crony payola cash and stock market rigging those pretend causes can get them.

Those are the companies that conspire, at swanky Silicon Valley parties at homes in Atherton, Woodside and Menlo Park to create contrived global hate designed to pad their private bank accounts.

Harvard Analyst Accuses The Clintons of 'Largest Charity Fraud in History'

Source: neon nettle


An investigation into The Clinton Foundation by a financial analyst from Harvard University has revealed fraud on a "monumental scale", according to reports.
Charles Ortel claims to have evidence that Bill and Hillary Clinton have committed the largest case of charity fraud in American history.

Ortel, one of the world's leading financial experts, claims that the Clintons are also part of a global fraud networks that have acquired billions in fraudulent profits.

Wall St On Parade reports: In a 9-page letter dated yesterday and posted on his blog, Ortel calls the Clintons’ charity the "largest unprosecuted charity fraud ever attempted," adding for good measure that the Clinton Foundation is part of an "international charity fraud network whose entire cumulative scale (counting inflows and outflows) approaches and may even exceed $100 billion, measured from 1997 forward." 

Ortel lists 40 potential areas of fraud or wrongdoing that he plans to expose.

Like Markopolos, Ortel has an impressive resume. Ortel’s LinkedIn profile shows that he received his B.A. from Yale and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

He previously worked as a Managing Director at investment bank Dillon Read and later as a Managing Director at the financial research firm, Newport Value Partners.

In more recent years, Ortel has been a contributor to a number of news outlets including the Washington Times and

The charges being made by Ortel are difficult to dismiss as a flight of fancy because mainstream media has tinkered around the edges of precisely what Ortel is now calling out in copious detail.

In a 2013 New York Times article, Unease at Clinton Foundation Over Finances and Ambitions,” reporters Nicholas Confessore and Amy Chozick hint that Hillary Clinton’s political operatives are occupying offices at the Clinton Foundation headquarters, writing that they “will work on organizing Mrs. Clinton’s packed schedule of paid speeches to trade groups and awards ceremonies and assist in the research and writing of Mrs. Clinton’s memoir about her time at the State Department, to be published by Simon & Schuster next summer.”

A June 2015 article in the Wall Street Journal by Kimberley Strassel stopped hinting and spelled it out boldly, calling the Clinton Foundation a “Hillary superPac that throws in the occasional good deed.” Strassel explained:

“The media’s focus is on Hillary Clinton’s time as secretary of state, and whether she took official actions to benefit her family’s global charity. But the mistake is starting from the premise that the Clinton Foundation is a ‘charity.’ What’s clear by now is that this family enterprise was set up as a global shakedown operation, designed to finance and nurture the Clintons’ continued political ambitions. It’s a Hillary super PAC that throws in the occasional good deed.”

Strassel goes on to provide the specific names of staffers who are deeply conflicted in their political work for Hillary Clinton’s ambitions and their ties to the charity.

An article by James Grimaldi in the Wall Street Journal on May 12 of last year charges that a “$2 million commitment arranged by the nonprofit Clinton Global Initiative in 2010 went to a for-profit company part-owned by friends of the Clintons.” The Clinton Global Initiative is a program associated with the Clinton Foundation.

One notable thing that Charles Ortel is pounding away at is, why, with all of these media red flags for years, the Clintons have been allowed by state charity regulators in multiple states in which they solicit donations as well as their Federal regulator, the IRS, to continue business as usual.

Are we looking at the Madoff-effect where regulators are afraid to take on powerful figures?

We think that’s a very good question to which the American public deserves a credible answer.

Former Asst. FBI Director: Clinton Crimes 20 Times Bigger than Watergate

By Debra Heine

chat comments

Former Assistant FBI Director James Kallstrom unloaded on James Comey, Robert Mueller, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama Thursday, charging that major crimes "20 times bigger than Watergate" are being swept under the rug while Attorney General Jeff Sessions "is in a coma."

Appearing on Fox News' Varney & Co., Kallstrom told the host that it "was obvious to anybody that knows anything" that former President Barack Obama was not going to let James Comey indict Clinton.

"It turns out -- unfortunately -- he was a political hack," Kallstrom said flatly. "I think he maybe started out in an honorable way. His opinion of himself is sky high --  just an unbelievable guy with just an arrogance about him…. It got him in trouble because I think he thought he was Superman and he found out that he wasn’t."

Kallstrom blamed the Clintons for Comey's descent into hackery.

"The dogs are always going to bite your heels when you’re dealing with the Clintons," he explained. "Look how long the public, the American people have been dealing with the crime syndicate known as the Clinton Foundation… just look at what's in the public domain. The Clintons have been taking advantage of their stations in life for so long."

"Back in '95, '96 -- somewhere around there -- Bill Clinton let our guidance technology for our ICBM missiles go to China. Things like this that are very devastating," he pointed out.

And then a few years down the road, "we sell 20 percent of our uranium," Kalstrom added, referencing the corrupt Uranium One deal that routed millions of Russian dollars to the Clinton Foundation during the time Secretary of State Hillary Clinton served on the federal government’s Committee on Foreign Investment.

Kallstrom also questioned why Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was appointed to his position.

"What does he do as soon as he gets in there? He appoints a special counsel. Who is it? It's Bob Mueller. Roll the tape backwards. Bob Mueller is the FBI director, Rosenstein is the U.S. attorney in Baltimore prosecuting people involved in this case."

Kallstrom charged that Rosenstein was basically put in place at the DOJ by the Democrats, complaining that Sessions was forced to recuse himself while "this huge forest fire is burning up his real estate."

"You don't have to put your brother in there like Kennedy did," he noted. "But put somebody in there that agrees with the policies you're trying to put together. Then Rosenstein throws this hand grenade at you by naming this counsel -- which is B.S. -- and putting Mueller, who has a conflict of interest 20 miles wide, in on the job."

He added, "I don't know if it's a conspiracy, but it sure smells like one."

Swamp Drainage: Podesta Group Set To Shut Down Amid Mueller Investigation

by Joshua Caplan

The Podesta Group, one of Washington, D.C.’s largest lobbying firms, is set to shut down amid Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. Employees of the Podesta Group may cease being paid by the end of November. 

The Hill reports:

Kimberley Fritts, the Podesta Group’s chief executive, told employees on Thursday that the firm would not exist at the end of the year and that they would likely not be paid through the end of November, sources told CNN.

Fritts announced her resignation from the top Washington lobbying group after Podesta left the company amid ties to indictments filed in the Russia investigation.

The Podesta Group was hired along with another firm to do work for former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and his business partner Richard Gates, who are facing charges of covering up years of work for a pro-Russia Ukrainian political party and laundering their profits to avoid U.S. detection.

Just days after Podesta Group founder Tony Podesta resigned, its CEO Kimberley Fritts is leaving to launch her own firm.

POLITICO reports:

Tony Podesta, the firm’s founder, tapped Fritts as his successor when he announced he’d step down as chairman last week, hours after an indictment was unsealed, charging Paul Manafort and his deputy, Rick Gates, with violating foreign lobbying law. The indictment accused Manafort of hiring the Podesta Group to lobby for an ostensibly independent nonprofit that “was under the ultimate direction” of the Ukrainian president, his party and the Ukrainian government.

Fritts had been expected to relaunch the Podesta Group under a new name in the days after Podesta stepped down. But after more than a week of working to hammer out the details of what the new firm would look like, Fritts announced at a staff meeting late this afternoon, that she would resign and start a new firm, exacerbating questions about the future of the Podesta Group and its dozens of employees.

“Tony Podesta’s name had become a scarlet letter,” one Podesta Group employee told POLITICO, adding “I expect a lot of the top talent will go with her.”

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, Tony Podesta, the founder of D.C. lobbying firm the Podesta Group stepped down from the company amid Robert Mueller’s probe. Podesta made the announcement at a company-wide meeting two weeks ago.

POLITICO reports:

Podesta is handing over full operational and financial control to longtime firm CEO Kimberley Fritts, according to multiple sources with knowledge of the meeting. Fritts and a senior group of the Podesta team will be launching a new firm in the next one or two days. Sources said the transition has been in the works for the past several months.

“[Tony] was very magnanimous and said, “This is an amazing group of people,” a source said of Podesta’s remarks. Podesta also told staff he “doesn’t intend to go quietly, or learn how to play golf.” He said he “needs to fight this as an individual, but doesn’t want the firm to fight it.”

The Podesta Group was subpoenaed in late August along with four other public relations firms who worked with former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort during a 2012-2014 lobbying effort for a pro-Ukraine think tank – the European Centre for a Modern Ukraine (ECMU) – tied to former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych.

Two of the subpoenaed firms include Paul Manafort’s Mercury, LLC and the Podesta Group, founded by John and Tony Podesta and operated by the latter.






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