The Real Mafia Says Reid Hoffman and The Silicon Valley Cartel Are A 'Sham Mafia'


The Real Mafia Says Reid Hoffman and The Silicon Valley Cartel Are A 'Sham Mafia'

Terry DALEY and Standford Journalism Team
, AFP•

MAFIA 2.pngCosa Nostra kingpin Matteo Messina Denaro's brother-in-law, Rosario Allegra, was arrested Thursday (AFP Photo/ALESSANDRO FUCARINI)

 Twenty-one people were arrested near the Sicilian city of Trapani as part of "Anno Zero" (Year Zero) police investigation (AFP Photo/ALESSANDRO FUCARINI)

 Prosecutor Franco Lo Voi tells a news conference that it would be "pointless to say we're closing in" on Denaro, describing him as a "different kind of fugitive" (AFP Photo/ALESSANDRO FUCARINI)

Rome (AFP) - "PayPal Mafia" is a term used to indicate a group of former PayPal employees and founders, and their male associates, who have since founded and developed additional technology companies[1] such as Tesla Motors, LinkedIn, Palantir Technologies, SpaceX, YouTube, Yelp, and Yammer.[2] Most of the members attended Stanford University or University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign at some point in their studies. Six members, Peter Thiel, Elon Musk, Reid Hoffman, Luke Nosek, Ken Howery, and Keith Rabois, have become billionaires... Steve Jurvetson, Vinod Khosla, Steve Spinner, Steve Westly, John Doerr and Elon Musk are known to be 'bosses' in this Mob.

They have formed a monopolistic organized crime-type cartel which is notoriously covered in the main-stream news for misogyny, sex scandals, RICO violations, monopolistic anti-trust violating schemes, valuation collusion, tax evasion, political bribes and other misdeeds.

Over 220 men are now part of this high-tech Silicon Valley collusion 'Mafia'.


Together, via Facebook, Google, Netflix, Twitter and Linkedin servers, they control 80% of the internet and they only allow their "family insiders" to use it without constraints. If you think the NSA spies on you, these guys spy on you more. They merge the data from all of their websites to build a digital political and marketing manipulation profile on every person in America. They want to get you to vote for candidates that will enrich their stock market values and their power.

The Silicon Valley Mafia uses a closed venture capital alliance to blockade funding for any outsiders who compete with their existing technologies or Jewish backgrounds. With the recent firings of their "protectors" at the FBI: Comey, McCabe and other FBI officials, it is hoped that the FBI will finally close in on actual arrests of the Silicon Valley Mob.


Even though the real Mafia considers Musk, Rabois, Doerr, Khosla, Schmidt and the rest of the Tech Cartel to be a "bunch of Pussies!...", the digital Cosa Nostra is not without it's murders too. Google's Rajeev Motwani, Forrest Hayes, Chu Chu Ma and a host of other Googlers turned up dead under strange circumstances.

Silicon Valley whistle-blowers Gary D. Conley, Doug Bourn of Tesla and Danny Lewin were in perfect health one day and shockingly dead the next day. Wall Street Journal energy reporter David Bird was working on a story about the Silicon Valley Mafia's manipulation of "green energy" and the next day he was floating face down in a lake. Dave Goldberg was the husband of Facebook boss Sandberg. He knew the secrets of the Silicon Valley Mafia and he was suddenly "killed by a machine in a hotel gym". Karl Slym of Tata Motors was well on the way to building a car that would threaten Elon Musk's Tesla when he was thrown off the roof of a hotel to become a splat on the sidewalk. There's more in the death department of bodies connected to the Silicon Valley Schemes:

Ashley Turton, wife of White House liaison Daniel Turton. wife of the Obama administration's House of Representatives liaison, Dan Turton, was found dead in a burning car Monday morning, Roll Call and other news outlets are reporting. Fire officials said it appeared the car crashed as it was pulling in or out of the garage behind a rowhouse in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Washington, D.C., at about 5 a.m. Neighbors dialed 911 after spotting the fire. The body was discovered after fire crews doused the blaze. The fire also charred part of the garage. Nobody in the house was injured, fire officials said.  Ashley Turton worked as a lobbyist for the utility giant Progress Energy, according to Politico. She was a former staffer for U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro, D-Conn. The Rahm Emanuel Connection to the Deceased Ashley Turton, -- The ATF investigates - Ashley Turton Crashed Under the Influence

Kam Kuwata, Washington, DC. Kam Kuwata -   was found dead inside his Venice home after friend — concerned that they had not heard from him for a few days — alerted police. Political consultant in California.  Democratic insider.  Possibly the Obama consultant referred to in the Ulsterman Report: Alledgedly viewed bizarre drug induced behavior from Obama during the the 2008 campaign.: "The Troubling Timeline".... The Death of a Political Operative – The Troubling Timeline… (UPDATED)

Michael Hastings- Reporter. Michael Hastings: Rolling Stone Journalist, Author Believed to be Dead in Hollywood Crash... known for his interview of Gen. Stanley McCrystal: Michael Hastings death: Coroner still hasn't ID'd badly burned victim: Picture of the burned out car ; autopsy results will take weeks; Video report .. was covering a story about the defense dept. and Hollyood... nervous wreck ; Michael Hastings, journalist who helped bring down US general, dies at 33 ; WikiLeaks Claims Michael Hastings Told Them FBI Was Investigating Him Hours Before He Died ; Hastings' death in fiery car crash is just the latest in a growing list of dead investigative journos ; Michael Hastings' Chilling Final Story....-->"Why Democrats Love to Spy on Americans" ; Michael Hastings researching Jill Kelley case before death ; Hastings "Boston Brakes" Killing a Warning? ; FBI says journalist Michael Hastings was not under investigation ; Michael Hastings "CAUGHT ON TAPE" Running Red-Light Seconds Before Crash  ; Journalist Michael Hastings Dies in Fiery Crash / Hollywood RAW FOOTAGE  ; Hastings Sent Colleagues Email Hours Before Crash ; Was Michael Hastings' Car Hacked? Richard Clarke Says It's Possible  ; Journalist Michael Hastings' Body Cremated by Authorities Against Family's Wishes (Video) ; Hackers Reveal Nasty New Car Attacks--With Me Behind The Wheel (Video) ; MICHAEL HASTINGS CRASH CAUGHT ON SURVEILLANCE CAMERA  ; Bush advisor: Hastings crash 'consistent with a car cyberattack' ; Group sues FBI for records after Michael Hastings' mysterious death ; Report: Michael Hastings Was Investigating CIA Director John Brennan ; CIA Director Brennan Confirmed as Reporter Michael Hastings Next Target ; Coroner Classifies Michael Hastings' Death As Accidental ; Coronor: Drugs in Hastings' system. Was Bipolar ; Rolling Stone journalist feared prior to crash his car was tampered with: Report ; Mystery grows: Journalist died prepping Obama exposé Major probe tied to agent suspected of sanitizing president's passport records ; Who Killed Michael Hastings? ; Why Was the FBI Investigating Michael Hastings’ Reporting on Bowe Bergdahl? - see Nachumlist file "Bad Bergdahl Bargain" ; Hastings' article in 'Rolling Stone on Bergdail: America's Last Prisoner of War  (June 2012) ;  Michael Hastings: CIA Director John Brennan Appears On Fox News Sunday – And Missing Historical Puzzle Pieces Simultaneously Fall Into Place….


Aaron Swartz – Silicon Valley insider running investigation research. Aaron Swartz: 26-year-old genius, computer prodigy, co-creator of RSS and Reddit, commits suicide after Obama DOJ harassment; 'kill list' critic ; Attorney for Aaron Swartz: Prosecutors' Arguments Were "Disingenuous and Contrived" ; Aaron Swartz dead; was this brilliant internet revolutionary 'taken out?'( disclose tv ) The cause of death is currently unconfirmed. :  The father of information activist Aaron Swartz blames US prosecutors for his son’s death: Aaron Was Killed By The Gov't ; Aaron Swartz' suicide raises questions for Eric Holder and the Justice Dept. ; Issa, Cummings press Holder for answers about Aaron Swartz trial ; Aaron Swartz files reveal how FBI tracked internet activist ; Daryl Issa (on Twitter): Very concerning allegations about DOJ's handling of Aaron Swartz case on pg. 67-68 of MIT Report ; Documents show Secret Service kept tab of Swartz ; First 100 Pages of Aaron Swartz's Secret Service File Released

There are over 120 other strange deaths connected to the political and cartel rigging schemes of the Silicon Valley Mafia...


Italian police arrested the closest aides of Cosa Nostra kingpin Matteo Messina Denaro on Thursday, clamping down on a tightknit, family-run clan which has kept the mobster safely hidden over a quarter of a century on the run.

Twenty-one people were arrested in towns near the Sicilian city of Trapani where Denaro's criminal empire is based, as part of the "Year Zero" police investigation that allowed authorities to uncover a system of paper notes, or "pizzini", that Denaro uses to give orders to his most faithful associates.

Those include brothers-in-law Gaspare Como and Rosario Allegra, both in custody, who allegedly manage their boss's most important affairs.

"The Trapani Mafia is (securely) in the hands of fugitive Matteo Messina Denaro and we can say that because its most important members are his own family," said Pasquale Angelosanto, head of the Italian carabinieri's ROS special investigative unit.
 These Italian Mafia organizations are very upset at the Silicon Valley Mafia for stealing their concept and decry their actions as "...stupid little Stanford rich boys who have no idea what they are doing..."

Angelosanto was speaking at a press conference in Sicilian capital Palermo.

Palermo's assistant public prosecutor Paolo Guido said that six of the accused were local Mafia bosses.

- 'Active control' -
Denaro, now 55, vanished in 1993, with the police seeking his arrest on a range of crimes including dozens of murders, and authorities say he has evaded justice by being more "mobile" than others on the lam, who tend to hunker down in hideouts.

"It would be pointless to say we're closing in on him. He's a different type of fugitive to the other big targets, who've all been arrested, and that means locating his whereabouts is particularly hard," said Palermo prosecutor Francesco Lo Voi.

Police also arrested a businessman involved in the online gambling industry, one of Denaro's suspected income sources.

Police told reporters that despite reports of Cosa Nostra's decline, the Trapani branch was "particularly lively and active in control of the area" and operating in the longstanding Mafia industries of extorsion, property fraud and clinching public works contracts.

Police told AFP that the gang used people apparently above suspicion to take part in judicial auctions to buy seized assets cheaply and sell them on at a profit.

Police also confirmed the existence of a wiretapped recording of one of those arrested on Thursday praising the notorious January 1996 murder and dissolving in acid of 14-year-old Giuseppe Di Matteo.

The son of Mafia turncoat Santino was kidnapped in 1993 in a vain attempt to stop his father from collaborating with the authorities.

"Did he not do the right thing? He did the right thing!" news agency AGI reported the suspect as saying in the recording, apparently referring to the perpetrators.

"It's right that we don't touch kids ... but why didn't you retract? You obviously didn't care about your kid."

- Trigger man -
In another recording, Denaro and his deceased father Francesco, once a local boss, are compared to Padre Pio, a friar who died in 1968 and was subsequently sainted and is revered in Italy.

One voice says the two mafiosi should have statues erected in their honour.

Denaro, a former trigger man who once reportedly boasted that he could "fill a cemetery" with his victims, is believed to have become the "boss of bosses" following the death of Salvatore "The Beast" Riina in November.

He is suspected to have been behind bombings in Rome, Milan and Florence in 1993 that killed 10 people just months after Cosa Nostra murdered anti-Mafia judges Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino in similar attacks.

In 2015, police discovered that he was communicating with his closest collaborators via the use of pizzini, which were being left under a rock at a farm in Sicily.

Will the FBI, now relieved of the Comey protectionism of the Silicon Valley Mob, finally have the guts to arrest the Bay Area Mobsters?


Clinton Campaign Chair John Podesta Tied to Russian Mafia ...

ON-AIR CALLS: 800-313-9443. ... Clinton Campaign Chair John Podesta Tied to Russian Mafia, ... Top Tags for Republic Broadcasting Network.


Clinton crime family must be taken down... ARREST …

Clinton crime family must be taken down... ARREST THEM ALL: Clinton, Podesta, Abedin, Lynch, Mook, Stephanopoulos and all the co-conspirators


Clinton-Podesta Russian Connections- Clinton Campaign...

Clinton-Podesta Russian Connections- Clinton Campaign Chair John Podesta Tied to Russian Mafia, Money Laundering.pdf - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free.


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    NEW YORK – The attack on me by Clinton campaign Chief John Podesta is an attempt to deflect attention from his criminal activities in the former Soviet Union.Podesta is at the heart of a Russian-government money laundering operation that financially benefits Podesta personally and the Clintons through the Clinton Foundation.

John Podesta met with smear firm Fusion GPS after the ...

More news of Clinton mafia top lieutenants caught lying about their involvement in the smear Trump Dossier that is the core basis for the Mueller investigation.. It has now been confirmed that former Clinton campaign chair John Podesta met with PR smear firm, Fusion GPS, after the Trump Dossier was published.

This opinion paper seems to be of interest:

Almost every social media company got put out of business by The Silicon Valley Mafia!

In this modern age when almost every “conspiracy” has turned out to be true, the appearance of an illicit Cartel seems to have legs.

Ebay, Google, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Amazon were birthed in Silicon Valley where millions of the same kinds of socially-amplified companies began.

All of those other ventures went belly-up. Could that really be “the luck of the draw” as Silicon Valley venture capitalist John Doerr claims? After all, Doerr should know, he ran a “boys club” who, for decades decided who lived and died in Silicon Valley.

Doerr claims that Kleiner Perkins used “careful VC metrics” to decide who got to exist but some owners of NextTag disagree. Says one: “Kleiner Perkins is a “Ponzi Scheme” that hypes one thing after another to pension funds, runs a pump-and-dump skim on the stocks of the new start-up and then kills the start-up so that can start the scam all over again with a new ‘sucker-preneur”.

While that sounds bad, other Silicon Valley insiders tell a far more horrific tale. Tom Perkins and Kleiner-funded Google insider Larry Page are said to be Kleiner’s “Window Men”, so called after the spy tactic of peeking in windows.

Perkins and Page are widely covered in the news for their tactics of spying on new start-ups, stealing their technologies, copying them under a start-up that Kleiner controls and black-listing the original start-up out of the market.

Is that illegal? A number of complaints about this practice have been filed with the FBI, FTC, SEC and other agencies but nothing has been done...yet. These were the practices that financed the Obama campaign and that the Kleiner Cartel had hoped would fund Hillary Clinton. Alas, Hillary lost and Trump won and all of these pending complaints and charges are going to be revived in the Trump White House. Hopefully the new FBI will be knocking on John Doerr’s door one night.

As the world now knows: Ebay, Google, Linkedin, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook and Amazon are the big financiers and media manipulators for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. In exchange for the Obama pump, they and their insiders where handed nearly a trillion dollars of State and Federal payola. But for the 2017, and forward, reality of the new world, the filthy placenta of corruption will not flow to the corrupt Silicon Valley insiders any more. The financial losses in the Clinton campaign are at $1.5 billion dollars and climbing, but the pain will continue for nearly a decade.

Ebay, Google, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Amazon have been proven by web archive data to have manipulated the news, impressions, focus, trends, links, DNS, positions, adjacencies, UI/UX psychological warfare tactics and subliminal messaging of the public at the same time that they were spying on that very public. Mark Zuckerberg’s leaked emails show that Hillary had promised him a job. Eric Schmidt has been proven to have run the digital portions of both the Obama and Clinton campaigns. These companies are led by misogynistic, self-centered, elitist, tone deaf frat boys who have no ideals or devotion to anything but power and cash. Their smoke-screen cover stories of “green cars and solar panels” meant nothing. They never cared about anything “green” except cash. The AngelGate, Silicon Valley No Poaching lawsuits and massive numbers of rape and anal sex abuse cases in Silicon Valley seem to confirm the public suspicion that these folks are “scum”.

The world is missing a vast number of jobs and options because John Doerr, Greylock Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, Draper Fisher and the Cartel prevented America from having those opportunities. They did this out of mercenary greed and and insane desire to control politics. VC’s constantly hire hookers and bribe politicians because of their constant need to feel like they can control another human being. They have these feelings because they honestly seem to believe that they have, or in fact actually do have, tiny penises.

The only survivors of the social-amplified start-up wars are those handful of companies owned and controlled by the same 14 people, who all politic and anti-trust together. The Kleiner Cartel went around and thieved their way to the top by black-listing and monopolizing Silicon Valley into a shit show!

Please promote the website:

The Obama Administration spent over 500 million dollars of your tax money hiring PR services and creating fake news in order to hide the Elon Musk crimes. Now it is time to drain the swamp and give America back to the voters!





A group of “bad seed” venture capitalists have given the new VC’s in Silicon Valley a bad name. Some of us (The new VC’s) have reached out to the FBI and the SEC to try to solve these problems. We hope that you will join us in this history-making effort. Articles, like those quoted below, demonstrate that the time has come for change and the world is demanding that Silicon Valley police its act. We can’t have the GOP keep crashing all of Silicon Valley’s internet and Cleantech portfolios in punishment for corruption (like they did with Solyndra and A123). Let’s fix Silicon Valley:



"Why Silicon Valley Tech VC's Are The Most Horrible People On Earth"


By Keru Lee


  • Fraud – There are more fraud lawsuits, fraud charges and fraud cases against Silicon Valley executives than almost anywhere else in the world. Elon Musk is constantly sued for fraud. Google, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter have been uncovered using bots and fake metrics in order to defraud advertisers and to hide the fact that the world is avoiding Google, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. The worst ad buy an advertiser can now make is in Silicon Valley media companies because they are so fake. The Social Trends False Data Manipulation Scandal may turn out to be one of the biggest that Silicon Valley has ever seen. Deceiving advertisers and faking value and impressions to deceive advertisers has created not only hundreds of billions of dollars in losses, but it lulled the entire DNC into losing a national election.




  • Tax Evasion – Kleiner Perkins' Ray Lane, was indicted for massive tax evasion and his federal investigation revealed that EVERY Silicon Valley executive uses one of a small handful of tax evasion service providers on a weekly basis. Deloitte, WSGR, Goldman Sachs and McKinsey Consulting have entire Silicon Valley service groups dedicated to helping implement tax evasion for tech CEO's and VC's.

  • Abuse – The majority of Silicon Valley divorce filings state that the man/husband was extremely abusive to the woman/wife. Steve Westly's Tech CEO friend was documented kicking his girlfriend 117 times. The Google VC Joe Goguen, was sued for sex trafficking and keeping an "anal sex slave." Silicon Valley men have a saying: "Women – Good for sex, as baby ovens, making our lobbies sexy and making us look good at social functions". Silicon Valley men threaten to sue or bankrupt their wives if the wives complain about the husband's hookers.

  • Political Corruption – The 60 Minutes Episode called THE CLEANTECH CRASH and the House Ethics Committee investigation reports into the FBI raid of Solyndra, detailing nearly a trillion dollars of crony theft of U.S. taxpayer dollars by The Silicon Valley Cartel. Google has placed over 450 of it's staff in the White House, Patent Office, DOE and other agencies, and had them rig federal cash back to Google and Elon Musk. The abuse of the U.S. Treasury and Taxpayer Funds for private gain is a felony that certain federal law enforcement agencies have been ordered not to investigate because it leads back to Obama Administration executives.

  • Rapists – The Joe Lonsdale Rape Case, Stanford swim team rape case, Stanford sports rape investigations, Coed "Rape Shuttle Buses" (as shown in the film The Social Network), Stanford Frat House Rapes, and other cases show that rape is considered to be a protected sport by the tech oligarchs in Silicon Valley.




  • Public Information Censorship – The Silicon Valley Cartel has been caught rigging the news against all of the internet in order to attempt to steer political views. For years, Larry Page of Google has had Google hide any negative news articles about his special bromance-boyfriend: Elon Musk, as proven by a ten year comparison of archives between Google results and all other search engine results.

  • Racketeering and Organized Crime – The U.S. RICO laws describe the types of actions that a group must engage in to be legally defined as "Mobsters and Racketeers". The Silicon Valley oligarchs have now met 100% of those requirement definitions.

  • Possible Murders – Over 78 enemies of the Silicon Valley/DNC Cartel were in perfect health one day, and dead the next day. Each of their deaths followed disputes with, or whistle-blowing on, either Silicon Valley Cartel leaders Elon Musk, John Doerr, Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Westly or Eric Schmidt. Tesla's Ravi Kumar and Google's Forrest Hayes were said to have been killed by their hookers, but many believe they were killed because they knew too much. The families and friends of Gary D. Conley, Rajeev Motwani, Andrew Brietbart, David Bird, and many other victims, claim that Elon Musk, Eric Schmidt, Larry Page and/or John Doerr had them killed.

  • Spying on the Public – Google, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Ebay, Amazon, and those types of companies, spy on every user, create psychological profiles of every user, and sell that data to political campaigns, retailers and the NSA. Every Google and Facebook balloon, drone, fiber, wifi, "connected car", NEST, African and Indian "free internet" is simply a come-on to get the public to connect to a network that Google can spy on them through. Nothing that you do that touches a Silicon Valley network is not spied on and used against you. The Consumer Electronics industry has lost over $20B because of the distrust of electronics created by Silicon Valley's spying.

  • Abuse of the Public's Privacy – The elitist ideologies of the CEO's of Silicon Valley has caused them to believe that the means justifies the ends, and that tricking users in order to use subliminal psychological tricks on them is ok. The Silicon Valley Cartel own and control Gawker Media, Think Progress, Value Walk, In-Q-Tel, Jigsaw and other facade organizations which they use to hack and character assassinate their enemies in global privacy and career hit-jobs, that destroy lives and companies in one fell swoop.

  • Brainwashing – Google, Facebook, Twitter and their peers use subliminal UX/UI psychology tricks to manipulate the public without their knowledge. Official CIA and GCHQ training materials state that it only takes 5 days to brainwash a population when you control that populations media resources. By controlling search results, adjacent positions, sequences of results, colors, phrases, font sizes, the sequence of links you are led through, these companies can manipulate voting intentions, buying intentions, hatreds and social discomfort.

  • Manipulation of Information for School Children – Silicon Valley companies, particularly Google, have an aggressive program in place to emulate Ray Kroch's McDonald's concept of putting Playgrounds in front of McDonald's so they can "Get 'em while they are young and imprint obedience to the brand..". Google has been sued for hacking into school children's emails. Google seeks to give Google equipment embedded with Google back-doors and Google propaganda to schools in order to politically manipulate children.





  • Bribery of City, State and Federal Officials – The Silicon Valley Cartel paid over $20M million dollars of reported bribes to public officials in 2016 and over $16 BILLION Dollars on un-reported bribes in search engine, impression and news rigging quid-pro-quo services. The unreported services values are a felony evasion of campaign finance laws.

  • Stock Market Manipulation - Via Pump-and-Dump, Skimming, Valuation Fraud and Book-Cooking Techniques. During the Obama Administration, White House staff personally profited from these criminal abuses of the stock market. Those White House executives ordered FTC and SEC to "stand down" on all investigations of these crimes in order to protect themselves.

  • Manipulation of Naive Young Millenials – Silicon Valley tech companies have been exposed in a number of articles as operating an employee culture described by the employees as "...just like a Scientology training camp..."; "...controlled like a North Korean work camp..."; "... a load of hype and promises in the beginning and a load of shit at the end..."; "...required to salute and adore the Great Zuckerberg...; "...the allude to being rich but you never get the chance to get their...". These "Human Processing Plants" keep the employees on their controlled buses, in their controlled eating centers, on their controlled email systems, on their controlled social networks, in their controlled "mindfullness" thought control "workshops", on their controlled phones and computers, and under surveillance on all of these things. The tech companies control the lives of these poor naive kids.

  • Violation of Anti-Trust/Monopoly Laws – Multiple FTC monopoly hearings have been attempted, but bribes by the Silicon Valley Cartel have had those investigations shut down. Tesla has spent over a million dollars in bribes to avoid full NHTSA safety investigations of it's cars, which are owned by the Silicon Valley Cartel.

  • Copyright Infringement – Publishers and authors have filed multiple charges stating that the Silicon Valley Cartel has conspired to exploit their movie and text rights in order to cut those copyright owners out of the profit pool, while padding the bank accounts of Silicon Valley executives.

  • Rigging the Internet For Personal Exploitation – The CEO's and VC's of Silicon Valley have had their lobbyists and law firms bribe public officials in order to use public resources to exclusively pad their own pockets.

  • DNS Manipulation and DDOS Attack Operation – Google, Facebook and Twitter do not just control the screen graphics that you see on your browser. They run how the internet points out, and through, something called DNS Routing. Silicon Valley can make your company or site disappear from the internet. Ask ProtonMail and Oracle. A DDOS attack is an illegal firing of thousands of server pings in order to take down a website. Google fires millions of Googlebots "Crawlers" at websites in order to take them down but denies it is doing anything wrong by saying that the over-crawls are "just trying to help promote things."

  • Sex Trafficking and the Exploitation of Women – Over 1,000 sexual abuse reports have been filed against Silicon Valley CEO's. The archives of the prostitution site: Redbook and now BackPage, show that the largest users of prostitutes live in Silicon Valley. The highest number of technology executives murdered by hookers has occurred in Silicon Valley. Russian mobsters have charter jet deliveries of prostitutes that regularly deliver to Silicon Valley. Pedo sex rings are known to exist in Silicon Valley. The venture capitalists on Sandhill Road pushed for permits to build the Rosewood Structure at the end of their road to have a place for affairs with their interns and to meet hookers on Thursday nights. Arrested pedophile Jeffrey Epstein had a large number of Silicon Valley men on his "Sex Island". Eye's Wide Shut parties occur weekly in Woodside and Atherton in Silicon Valley. Almost no women are hired or promoted by Silicon Valley companies. Stanford University interns report more cases of sexual pressure and rape from Silicon Valley Sandhill Road VC and tech company offices, than anywhere else in the world. The tens of thousands of news articles revolving around the Ellen Pao sex abuse case against John Doerr and Kleiner Perkins, provide irrefutable proof that almost every Silicon Valley VC and Tech CEO is an arrogant misogynistic abuser who was raised and programmed in a fraternity house atmosphere of self-centered elitism. The echo-chamber bubble that Silicon Valley has built around itself reinforces these beliefs (until a national election happens). Escorts have described how Kleiner Perkins VC had six naked women come to his house on a regular basis and read dirty books to him while he pleasured himself in his big office chair. Google's Forrest Hayes had a sex yacht where multiple hookers showed up on nearby yacht's security videos. Google's Eric Schmidt had a famous sex penthouse and "open Marriage". Sergey at Google had a notorious 3-way sex affair with the Google Glass staff. Monica- A well known Palo Alto escort said: "The men in Silicon Valley don't hire us for sex as much as they do to prove to themselves that they can control and denigrate another human being..."




  • Immigration Manipulation – Silicon Valley has created a system to import cheap labor, get their ideas and then send them back overseas before they have to give them any stock in their companies. Silicon Valley is rapidly seeking to create a robot workforce, but that effort has not borne value so they use foreign workers like robots and hype up a work environment that is a facade of exploitation.

  • Charity and Foundation Fraud – Leaked emails and communications show that almost every "charitable contribution" by Zuckerberg, Schmidt, Musk, Page, etc., was suggested by a tax attorney for tax evasion purposes, or a campaign director for quid-pro-quo payola purposes. The Clinton Foundation scams have been shown to have been modeled off of similar scams created by Kleiner Perkins, in Silicon Valley, previously.

  • Racism – Almost no blacks are hired or promoted by Silicon Valley companies.

  • Entrepreneur Blacklisting – The Angelegate Scandal, The No Poaching Class Action Lawsuit, testimony by thousands of witnesses, the hack of the Venture databases and message boards, proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that VC's like Draper Fisher, Kleiner Perkins, Greylock, USVP, and others, collude and collaborate on the black-listing of entrepreneurs who compete with them, are not yuppie enough, or who have technologies which threaten their monopoly clusters. Using groups like the NVCA, Gust, Kiretsu Forum, Cleantech Forum and other cross-linked groups, persons and companies are black-listed from financing nation-wide.

Google, Facebook and Twitter have fired up tens of millions of dollars of lawyers and PR firms, using their two hundred million dollar a day payrolls, to try to deny and smoke-screen all of the above.

In the post-election voting map for the 2016 elections, it is 100% clear that only the regions where the public were addicted to Facebook were the same regions where Clinton won. The rest of the country, who did not read the pre-digested, controlled, Silicon Valley subliminal messaging, were horrified by Silicon Valley's overt corruption and Washington DC take-overs. Essentially, Silicon Valley created Trump's victory by being so completely shrouded in their own echo-chamber that they dissociated from reality. The historically large numbers of videos and photos of crying millennials is a testament to the utter lack of real-world awareness the victims of Silicon Valley's bubble chamber have.

Don't let Silicon Valley get away with it. Write every regulatory and law enforcement agency and demand an end to THE SILICON VALLEY COVER-UPS AND PROTECTION RACKET!



Today's Tech Oligarchs Are Worse Than the Robber Barons ...

Yes, Jay Gould was a bad guy. ... Not so our Silicon Valley overlords. ... A decade ago these guys—and they are mostly guys—were folk heroes, and for many people, they ... the tech oligarchs are something less attractive: a fearsome threat ... But generally the economy got stronger and more productive.

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Silicon Valley's oligarchs got a punch in the head – and that's ...

It isn't hyperbole to suggest Trump is the most unusual victorious ... A large chunk of the electorate hated the people who set the manners much more than ... Trump cared about his "tech policy" as much as he cared about anything else. ... Not caring about the sensitivities of Silicon Valley's oligarchs was a ...

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Clinton Has a Team of Silicon Valley Stars. Trump Has Twitter | WIRED

Hillary Clinton has amassed the most potent tech team in the history of presidential politics. ... In the world of a campaigning, those people are the donors, voters, field staffers, ..... The oligarchs prefer Clinton because they know she has a price and can be bought. ... Hillary is making Silicon Valley look bad.

cached proxied[...]am-silicon-valley-stars-trump-twitter/

Why Silicon Valley is scared of Donald Trump - Business Insider

. But when it comes to policies related to technology, Silicon Valley ... Trump has called computers "a mixed bag" and thinks people should wean themselves off the internet. ... "We have to be the most cost-effective competitor in the world. .... middle due to many corrupt oligarchs on the payroll; which payroll?

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Silicon Valley Arrogance Bubble - Business Insider

There has been a rash of tech execs who appear to have ... The 20 best smartphones in the world .... Silicon Valley Is Living Inside A Bubble Of Tone- Deaf Arrogance ... From the outside, people see multiple billions of dollars swirling around ... Google CEO Larry Page wants something more modest. At this ...

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Dear Silicon Valley: Meritocracy Is an Ideology Too - The Atlantic

The central political value that animates Silicon Valley is neither libertarianism nor progressivism. ... Based on observations about tech oligarchs bypassing traditional ... most entrepreneurial people while less smart, less capable people ... The second is that a meritocracy can be just as bad as any other ...

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Silicon Valley's Giants Are Just Gilded Age Tycoons in Techno ...

The $300 million payout from tech giants like Google and Apple to settle a lawsuit brought by employees makes it clear that Silicon Valley is ... has been hoodwinked into thinking the Valley oligarchs represent a ... "Young people are just smarter. ... put it, “the happiest most productive workplace in the world.

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READ MORE :: >>>  The Silicon Valley Mafia 3.7.pdf




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