Tesla battery packs are so dangerous that they have to be stored outside so they don't blow your house up




Tesla battery packs are so dangerous that they have to be stored outside so they don't blow your house up




There are concerns about the amount of energy the battery packs contain.


Houses and schools around New Zealand are opting for solar power systems with battery back-up.


A new proposed battery safety standard would stop the installation of solar power systems' battery packs, which have been described as the "future of energy".

Consultation is open on the standard, which would ban lithium ion batteries inside a dwelling, under the eaves of a house or within a metre of it. Installed beyond that distance, the batteries would have to be in a fireproof enclosure.

Companies such as Vector are promoting battery packs, such as Tesla's Powerwall, as part of solar energy systems. 

Solar panels make energy which is then stored in the Powerwall and used when solar power is not being created. The Powerwall can also be charged from mains power in off-peak times.

The technology is also being installed in schools.

But Allan Miller, former director of the Electric Power Engineering Centre, at the University of Canterbury, said the batteries are a fire hazard.

"There's no getting around the fact that the batteries store a lot of energy."

However, there are believed to be no known house fires caused by home-installed lithium ion batteries.

Putting them outside in a purpose-built enclosure would add at least $1000 to the cost of installation, he said.

"The irony is that you can drive into the garage with your electric vehicle and most have a battery that's three times the size of the Tesla Powerwall. And you can drive into a garage with a 60L tank of petrol."

The standard would not apply retrospectively, so any installations before it came into force would be allowed to remain.

A Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment spokeswoman said Standards Australia was responsible for managing the development of the standard.

"Standards New Zealand does not comment on the content of draft standards, given that our role is to manage the process of development, and we therefore do not have the technical expertise to be able to comment on content issues. Please note that given that the standard is at draft stage, the content could change before being finalised."

She said the draft was open for comment until April 15.

Tesla lithium ion batteries come from unsafe labor conditions, explode for no reason, become more dangerous over time as the lithium dendrites expand and the chemistry breaks down, release poison gas when they “go thermal” and come from political corruption and Elon Musk’s bribery of public officials.








Vinod Khosla Downplays VC Sexual-Harassment Problem


                       Powerful VC Says Sexual-Harassment ... they'll tell you venture capital has a sexual-harassment      problem.        But Vinod Khosla, ... (Not to mention Silicon Valley ...


                 Billionaire Vinod Khosla testifies in California beach ...

                    Silicon Valley billionaire at war with surfers after he blocked ... Vinod Khosla, 59, is the co ... Mr Khosla's       attorney, Jeffrey Essner, says the public was ...



The courtroom battle over whether Silicon Valley billionaire Vinod Khosla can legally bar the public from a coastal property he owns moved to the beach in question on Thursday.

Superior Court Judge Barbara Mallach toured Martins Beach for nearly an hour, walking past dilapidated restrooms and an ungraded parking area. Legal teams from both sides, and a gaggle of reporters, joined the judge on her inspection. An orange plastic barrier and piles of rocks blocked the crumbling stairway down to the beach.

Mallach asked property manager Steven Baugher all about the area, including why the rental “cabins” look like normal homes. She also inspected the gate that has been used to lock out the public since Kholsa bought the land eight years ago.

Lawyers were under a gag order to not speak to the press during the tour. However, after Baugher shut the gate, reporters approached Khosla’s lawyer, Jeffrey Essner.

I thought it was important for the judge to see the conditions on the beach and to see that there was no parking available on the beach and that if the gate were opened and the owner were forced to have cars come down the beach, it would be a health and safety issue,” Essner said, talking to the press for the first time since the trial began.

Attorneys for the Surfrider Foundation argued that Khosla purposefully allowed the beach to fall into disrepair.

It’s incredibly disingenuous and self-serving to destroy your own property, let the bathrooms fall apart, not fix the road to other parking, and then say, ‘Oh gosh, we piled rocks all over the public parking area. Sorry we can’t have any beach access.’ I don’t think the judge is going to go for that,” attorney Mark Massara told KQED’s Peter Jon Shuler.

Closing arguments will begin in June.

Original story:

Billionaire venture capitalist Vinod Khosla testified Monday that he can’t remember much about the management of a $37.5 million San Mateo County beach property that’s at the center of a coastal-access lawsuit.

In Superior Court testimony in Redwood City, Khosla said he could not remember anything specific about his intentions for Martins Beach, south of Half Moon Bay, about directions he might have given his manager for the property, or about a lawsuit or appeals filed in his name in connection with the tract.

The Surfrider Foundation has sued Khosla to restore public use of a road to the beach, which was closed after the billionaire bought the 100-acre property in 2008. The suit is the latest in a series of actions that challenges the closure of the road to Martins Beach as a violation of state laws regulating development on California’s coastline and safeguarding public access to it.

Surfrider attorneys subpoenaed Khosla, saying that as owner of the property he had vital knowledge of any decision made regarding the tract.

But in his exchanges with attorney Joseph Cotchett, representing the Surfrider Foundation, Khosla said he couldn’t provide details about locking the gate across the beach road, partly because property manager Steven Baugher was responsible, partly because his discussions with Baugher were in the presence of attorneys and thus privileged. For instance, this exchange was reported by KQED’s Peter Jon Shuler:

Cotchett: Did you discuss with Mr. Baugher the locking of the gate?
Khosla: All such discussions happened in the presence of counsel.
Cotchett: Did you tell Mr. Baugher, ‘Please lock the gate’?
Khosla: No, not at any specific time that, not that I can recollect.
Cotchett: You never told him, ‘Lock the gate’?
Khosla: He’s the operations manager and he makes those decisions.
Cotchett: So he locked the gate.
Khosla: I assume he made that decision.
Cotchett: So he made the decision to lock the gate. Who instructed him to lock the gate?
Khosla: I did not instruct him. I do not know who instructed him. It must have been at the advice of counsel.

Khosla, who with his wife owns two limited liability corporations that hold the Martins Beach property, has been widely reported to want to build a home there. Monday, he denied having any such intention:

Cotchett: The purchase was for private use and not for a commercial enterprise. True or false?
Khosla: I had no specific plans for the property.
Cotchett: The property was for private use, true or false?
Khosla: I never discussed the purpose because I never had a purpose.

Shuler says Cotchett expressed incredulity at Khosla’s claims:

He asked repeatedly ‘So, you spent 37 and a half million dollars and you don’t remember what you did about it or what your intention was about this property?’ Those questions were objected to by defense counsel and most of those objections were sustained by the judge.”


Elon Musk And Silicon Valley Tech Companies Must Be Either Delusional Psychotics or The Biggest Liars On Earth


By Joanna Lens

Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon/Wapo, Wordpress, Apple, EBAY, Tesla and the Silicon Valley Cartel say that they believe that none of their contact with the public contains carefully manipulated psychological warfare propaganda.

They say that it is pure coincidence that their trillions of dollars of social media influencing is entirely anti-Republican, pro-Israel and pro-homosexual. They say that it is pure coincidence that they happen to hire people who are mostly homosexual, pro-Israeli Democrats and that the majority of their executives are homosexual, pro-Israeli Democrats.

They say that it is pure coincidence that all of the DNC candidates gave them exclusive laws which only benefited them. They say it is a coincidence that their candidates gave trillions of dollars of crony government grant money, contract money and market monopoly exclusive payola to their investors, who were also the campaign financiers of those candidates.

They say that even though they finance the largest part of the DNC via cash and (unreported FEC campaign finance violating) social media ads, that they are really not trying to manipulate the news and media for profiteering.

The Silicon Valley Cartel says that even though their media (which has been tracked and analyzed for years) is proven to contain the same manually manipulated CIA-Like psychological warfare techniques that North Korea and the Russian KGB use, it is just a coincidence that Silicon Valley happens to use those same tactics against 300+ million Americans. They say that it is just a coincidence that they hired the staff from the CIA and the CIA’s IN-Q-TEL group. They say that it is just a coincidence that all of their tactics happen to have the same goal of getting the same exact politicians elected.

Google says that it was just a coincidence that, out of all of the billions of companies on Earth, only Google was selected to provide the majority of the key staff for the Obama and Hillary White Houses.

There are thousands of such extraordinary coincidences which make it look like the social media companies are running a conspiracy to trick the public into being upset about selected things. The selected things that the social media companies want the public to be upset about just, coincidentally, put profits in Eric Schmidt’s, Mark Zuckerberg’s, John Doerr’s, etc. bank accounts.

Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon/Wapo, Apple, EBAY, Wordpress, Tesla and the Silicon Valley Cartel exist because they got exclusive government tax breaks, policy breaks, contracts and waivers that killed off their competitors who were not allowed to get those things. Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon/Wapo, Apple, EBAY, Wordpress, Tesla and the Silicon Valley Cartel have more money than God because they rigged the system and bought Harry Reid, Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi and Jerry Brown in very clear corruption pay-offs. They did not earn their money, they bribed their way into their money.

But that must all be a coincidence, right?

The heads of these companies go on TV and wring their hands when the evidence is put in front of them. They say “we will do better”...”programming error”...”rogue employees”...and the usual dismissive rhetoric.

Could Eric Schmidt and Mark Zuckerberg be telling the truth, though? Could they actually believe that the carefully crafted corporate PR they are spouting is true?

Have the Silicon Valley Cartel bosses been drinking their own Kool Aid, smoking their own cracks and living in their chrome bubble for so long that they are completely delusional?

Are Bezos, Zuckerberg, Schmidt, Page, and the rest, clinically insane and living in a self-manifested Disneyland of narcissistic TED Talks and self-glorification?

They just put billions of dollars into “stopping internet propaganda” but they hired the Snopes hooker hoarders and Obama’s key campaign manipulation crew to do that. How do you think that is going to go? Every bit of Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon/Wapo, Apple, EBAY, Wordpress, Tesla “anti-propaganda” turns out to be Fake News and More Propaganda for Obama and Hillary!

Many experts say that Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon/Wapo, Apple, EBAY, Wordpress, Tesla are funding and operating a conspiracy to rig elections and news. They say that they meet and conspire to do these things.

Others think that they accidentally do these things.

The bottom line is that they do, actually, do these things. Either by intent, or by addiction, they have been proven to be operating just like the Stazi or the Nazi’s in old Germany.

Just like the heroin or cigarette addict, they recoil at any suggestion that they may have a problem. They react with emotional violence to the thought that they may need an Interdiction. They say they don’t rape and abuse women but the facts prove otherwise. They say that they don’t rig elections but the facts prove otherwise. They say they support “freedom” but no user of their services ever sees privacy freedom again.

The fact is, they may be both delusional and liars.

This means that the world needs to come together to deliver the Interdiction that Silicon Valley needs most.





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