The Silicon Valley Mafia's Recruiting and HR Black-List


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When people combine the words “Silicon Valley” with “mafia,” usually the company “PayPal” follows soon after. But there’s another super-connected group whose influence is growing within certain ecosystems of startups: professional recruiters who are working more closely than ever with VCs, including as in-house partners.

Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers may have kicked off the trend in 2008 when it quietly hired Jordan Ormont, a former principal at the executive recruiting firm Howard Fischer Associates. Two years later, as one of its first big hires, Andreessen Horowitz named executive recruiter Jeff Stump a partner.

Not to be outdone, Greylock Partners hired longtime head hunter Jeff Markowitz as a Talent Partner in 2011. Greylock also hired as a “VP of Executive Talent” Peter Clarke, another professional recruiter. But in a twist that will surprise no one who follows venture capital firms, Clarke was recruited away from Greylock in May by Accel Partners.

As it happens, Clarke, Markowitz, Ormont and Stump all cut their teeth at Howard Fischer.

Yesterday, I sat down with recruiter Joe Riggione, another former Howard Fischer principal whose clients include top venture firms. Now managing director at True Capital, a 30-person executive recruiting firm that Riggione co-founded last year, he was nice enough to share what he’s seeing. Our conversation has been edited for length.

Q: Why are venture firms gobbling up all of your old colleagues? 

A: To be competitive in deals, what venture firms are doing now is saying, ‘We need to bring talent to the table.’ So the [in-house recruiters] aren’t doing search work. They’re still farming out the search work to search firms. But they want to know every great executive out there, so they can then make strategic introductions, because that’s oftentimes how they win a deal. They want to know who the up-and-comers are.

Q: So your job is less about producing job candidates and more about making introductions?

A: It’s a strategic relationship that VCs are developing with us now, as opposed to a transactional relationship. For example, one of the top four firms in the Valley has us on a project where we’re mapping out the very top enterprise talent at the CEO and board level, as well as on the marketing and technical front. And they want us to make introductions to [those people] so they can make an introduction right away [if a situation requires it].

Q: You’re being paid monthly as consultants, then?

A: Yes, and if they do take that executive or add that person to an executive team, they [the venture firm will] pay us a fee.

Q: Is that a good, bad or neutral trend for recruiters?

A: It’s a positive for us. When I’m calling on behalf of a strategic investment firm, of course, the [people I’m calling] listen, so it’s a low-impact way for us to get to know the executive pool that we like to know.

Q: This week, Accel hired a data scientist to help its startups with recruiting. Thoughts?

A: It’s a real trend. Venture firms are trying to learn more about how hiring works. Last year, Andreessen Horowitz hired someone off Wall Street who was, in essence, a quantitative scientist, just as you saw Accel just do. It’s taking every nuance of every project across its entire portfolio and looking for trends, then using those trends to be more proactive in helping its portfolio companies to hire. (Riggione is referring to Louis Beryl, an associate at Morgan Stanley and Lehman Brothers until five years ago. –Ed.)

Q: What is the biggest pain point for operating companies right now?

A: The biggest pain point is at the director-and-below level. On the engineering front, the need for specialized individual contributors is extreme. And [more broadly speaking], while companies may be receiving thousands of resumes, they don’t have time to sift through all the noise to get to the good people.

Q: Why is it a bigger issue now than, say, 10 years ago?

A: Partly because of the competition, and the windows for success are smaller [because companies are raising less funding]. Before, it was, ‘Well, we can hire, and if someone doesn’t work out, we’ll just fire them.’ Now companies realize they have to give positions more scrutiny. Every hire is important.

Q: What’s the biggest pain point for you as a recruiter?

A: There are so many things, it’s hard to isolate just one or two. [Laughs.] The thing that remains hardest about our business is you have a lot of very good investors with tremendous track records who are under the impression that because they’re involved with a company that has some buzz, they should be able to attract whoever they want. The reality is that there are a handful of other great firms chasing after the same people, offering them equally compelling opportunities. One company told us recently that it wanted to ‘kiss some supermodels before getting married.’

It’s difficult when [there’s an unwillingness to believe that a certain person won’t take a job]. We’re out there every day. We know who is real and who’s not.


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It is time to directly confront the Silicon Valley cultists and demand FBI, Congressional and SEC investigation!

The Documented Characteristics of Silicon Valley Venture Capitalists and Tech CEO’s:

A horrific phenomenon of cultural depravity and white-collar crime is going unchecked in Silicon Valley because Silicon Valley controls the media and the politicians that are usually supposed to check these kinds of things. Millions of pages of news reports, documentaries, interviews and legal transcripts prove the following to be true:

Elitist Cult. Silicon Valley elitists believe they are better than everyone else. Silicon Valley’s Kleiner Perkins founder: VC Tom Perkins, said that poor people must be “Nazi’s” for not accepting the “superior intellect” of VC’s. Silicon Valley’s Kleiner Perkins VC Vinod Khosla, took over California’s favorite public beach, bribed the White House for “green cash” and got sued for arrogance by a horde of public interest lawsuits. Silicon Valley’s Kleiner Perkins founder Ray Lane was indicted for tax evasion. Silicon Valley’s Kleiner Perkins boss John Doerr was sued for sexual office abuse and running a “frat house”. Most of the VC’s and tech CEO’s in Silicon Valley are charged with ethics breaches.

Prostitutes. Silicon Valley males hire more hookers and “rent-boys” and fly more sex workers into the Bay Area than any other city in America. Google’s and Tesla Investments executives were killed in sex and drug romps with hookers. Google’s Eric Schmidt ran a huge “sex penthouse” and promotes infidelity and “anti-marriage”. Google’s search engine rigging boss died at the hands of one of his hookers. The Silicon Valley VC’s had the Rosewood Hotel built at the end of Sandhill Road as a place to take interns and hookers to for sex. Underage sex efforts operated by these VC’s and Tech CEO’s have created the “Pizzagate” phenomenon.

Rapists and Sexual Coercion of Employees. Young interns are “sent up the hill” by Stanford to the VC’s Sandhill Road offices to become sexual playthings for the VC’s at the Rosewood Hotel. Ellen Pao sued Kleiner Perkins over the sexual “rape culture” that they promoted. Thousands of women have written books and articles about the sexual intimidation they are subjected to by Silicon Valley VC’s and their tech CEO’s. VC’s Joe Lonsdale, Micheal Goguen and hundreds of others have been charged with rape and sex trafficking. Stanford University gets “endowments” and “gifts” for hushing rape culture and intern-fluffing up.

Assholes. Fraternity House Take-What-You-Want culture is re-percussively promoted in the bars, clubs, meetings, conferences and emails of the VC’s and CEO’s. The TV Show: Silicon Valley, underscores the point of the dangers of infectious asshole-ism in Silicon Valley.

Clones. They assemble those around them that have the same stereotypical facial structure. In a room full of ordinary people and Tech VC’s, the VC’s faces stand out as Hollywood-type character-cartoon duplicates of each other.

Sexual deviance and extremism. Google’s founders have all had extreme sex scandals involving cheating, 3-way sex, divorces over abuse, forced anal sex and other outrages. Their teachers at Stanford have had to quite over their sex scandals. Their willingness and infatuation with sexual extremes defines them as moral degenerates who care little about laws and ethics.

Insider Dysfunctional Parents. The majority of the VC’s and Tech CEO’s come from rich dynastic families who are cultism-like devoted to “the family bloodline” and run by male oligarchs who believe in a rape culture/oligarch ethos. This belief system is passed on to their children. The oligarch parents threaten to cut endowments to Stanford University if Stanford punishes their son’s Frat Houses for date rapes.

Tone Deaf. Silicon Valley Tech people exist in a conceptual ideology reinforcement bubble by never interacting with, or reading information or news from, anyone outside of their group. VC Tim Draper spent vast amounts of money trying to make Silicon Valley it’s own country in order to systemize the Silicon Valley tunnel-vision bubble. They want to secede from America because they are offended by normal people who they consider to be low-class and unworthy.

Murders. Rajeev Motwani taught the Google founders how to build Google and was found, mysteriously, floating, dead, in his Silicon Valley swimming pool. Silicon Valley’s Gary D. Conley reported John Doerr and Elon Musk for corruption and was found with a bullet in his head behind Beale Air Force base. Three top Tesla engineers reported corruption at Tesla Motors and then suddenly died in a plane crash next to Tesla’s factory in San Carlos. There are over 100 mysterious deaths associated with people who had conflicts with Google, Kleiner Perkins and other Silicon Valley oligarchs.

Arrogant. Self-Centered Narcissists. Elon Musk has spent over a billion dollars buying exclusive Google, Twitter, MSM and Facebook hype about himself. Every Tech CEO has a multi-million dollar PR agent assigned to make them look like “Gods of Industry”. They regularly hold “Babes and Ball’s” parties and sex parties in Woodside that require women to beg for their money. They were trained to be “assholes” and “abusive dominants” via the Stanford Rape/Frat Culture.

Misogynists. All White-Male-Controlled with frat house pasts. Women are used As Sex Objects and Window Dressing. The largest number of anti-women news stories, jock/bro blog reports and charges for abuse come from Silicon Valley. VC Steve Westly’s CEO friend is notorious for kicking his girlfriend hundreds of times because she “sassed” him. Almost of of their Divorce filings include abuse charges against the man.

Manipulation of Employees. Silicon Valley cartel companies practice Scientology-like indoctrination and “cultural programming” of employees. These highly impressionable naive young employees are kept in “controlled environments”, sent to “mindfulness programming workshops” and told what kind of political opinions they should have. Tight-knit groups of females experience synchronized menstrual periods over time, cohesive Google and Facebook employee groups engaged in decision-making discount dissenting viewpoints in the interests of consensus, and that couples who stay together long enough begin to look alike. A new study has captured another group phenomenon in Silicon Valley and chronicled in humans’ natural habitat: “group brain synchrony”. This is a CIA-like brainwashing technique exploited to get all Google/Facebook/Twitter employees to rapidly adopt the same political views.

Racists. Silicon Valley companies have the lowest rates of hiring, or promoting blacks, in America even though they have a high population of blacks at the edge of their community.

Male insecurity issues. They use TED-Talks, SXSW and Syncronicity Events as self-promoting hype in which to act like an apostle of a tech religion. They buy Tesla cars as a badge of arrogance and mock any male who does not own what they own or who who did not go to Stanford or Yale. These pretentious and ostentatious boys are more inclined to brag about penis-size than family.

Blacklisting. In the AngelGate Investigation and Silicon Valley No Poaching Class Action Lawsuit, Silicon Valley was exposed as an insider club that black-lists those who look different or are not part of the boys club.

Politically corrupt. Silicon Valley has bribed more politicians than any other domestic region in history. They promote more immigration in order to get cheap labor for their tech companies. They steal their technology and bribe politicians to eliminate patent protections for small inventors that they steal from. Political Corruption and Bribery Is The Norm for these boys. Silicon Valley created a CIA knock-off called “In-Q-Tel” in order to use CIA technology to manipulate elections at Google, Facebook and Twitter. The 60 Minutes Episode called: “The Cleantech Crash” is about their multi-billion dollar scam using the Dept. of Energy as a slush-fund. They refuse to allow their MSM to report on their corruption and crony kickbacks, ie: Tesla Motors Funding, Off-shore tax evasion, Hooker networks, etc.

Collusion. In the AngelGate Investigation, the Silicon Valley No Poaching Class Action Lawsuit, and hundreds of other cases, Silicon Valley was exposed as an insider club that colludes to rig valuations, stock markets and employee poaching. They operate in herds within their peer group. They are not inclined to independent thinking. Kleiner Perkins has been caught placing moles and saboteurs inside competitors start-ups. They operate in herds within their peer group. They are not inclined to independent thinking.

Stock Market Criminals. Stock Market Pump-and-Dump, Flash Boy Algorithm Manipulation, Insider Trading, Market Rigging. The Securities and Exchange law violations and FTC monopoly law violations are vast in number.

Burning Man Sex-and-Drugs Devotees. Silicon Valley frat boys have a huge participation in the date-rape goings-on at Burning Man and buy extensive pheromone and skin contact delivery animal-tranquilizer drugs to use on young Burning Man girls.

Minimal Regard For Consequences. Although their PR agents promote them as “green” and “socially positive”, it is all hype to get tax waivers and government hand-outs. Mark Zuckerberg’s take-over of San Francisco General Hospital’s brand was entirely a scam to get him a $1 billion dollar tax evasion deployment. The Silicon Frat Boys act on impulse and try to buy off the collateral damage later.

Closeted homosexuals. Using the tremendous funds they have at hand from their exclusive monopolies in public media, they push their trans-gender agendas through their bought-and-paid for politicians. This has resulted in a generation of sexually confused children who believe that they should cut their penises off. The top bosses at Facebook, Google, Twitter, Tesla and other companies are lying to the public about their sexuality and using hired wives, known as “beards”. If they lie about something so basic, one has to wonder what else they lie about.

Thieves. They steal most of their technology from small inventors who can’t defend themselves. They get inventions from Indian engineers and then ship them back to India before the employees can get any stock or IP rights. The tech CEO’s send their VC friends to competing start-ups to spy on competing technologies and steal it. The VC’s say they are just doing “due diligence” but they are actually sucking the competing start-up dry of IP and staff and making a clone of it under another name.

There are so many other awful things about the people of Silicon Valley. You get the picture. Silicon Valley is a swamp and a cesspool.











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