By Andrea Obert


The cost of addiction, whether through substance abuse, consumer spending or gambling fixes, has been well-documented.

Silicon Valley is addicted to, and infected by, the pandemic known as: “Wealth culture” addiction.

Silicon Valley people go sick and twisted lengths to make more money even though it always leaves them ultimately feeling unfulfilled.

Wealth culture” addiction is a phenomenon that is growing and widespread due to Google, Twitter and Facebook pushing this lifestyle. During the financial crisis, one could at wealth and the American dream and how it had gotten bigger and more super-sized and, then when you look at all the stories told about economics, popular culture, gender, the causes of the financial crash and the new rich in China and Russia, they told a bigger story that were connected in our culture.

These are individual data points that, together, document a seismic shift about our values. We’ve gone from a culture that prized hard work, frugality and discretion as the central tenets of the American Dream to a Silicon Valley hyped culture that prizes celebrity, bling and narcissism.

It’s not about wealth but aspiration to wealth. At every level we want more. Whether it’s the currency of beauty, the currency of fame, the currency of branding or the currency of sexuality, ‘Fake it till you make it’ can be just as valuable as having money. Silicon Valley promotes using sex as money and fame as cash to get into the doors of elitism.

This is an epidemic of a growing addiction.

Wealth culture” is unhealthy and unsustainable for our community, relationships and well-being. The addiction of consumerism functions like other addictions so that can be very unhealthy. Ghetto youth have tripled their killings in urban regions due to their frustration with being cut-out of all potential to experience this “Wealth Culture” that Silicon Valley says “Everybody else is doing”.

Part of the cure lies in switching off your TV set, tablet and smartphone and catching up with the people next door. Google, Twitter and Facebook will drive you to suicide if you don’t.

Instagram Girls are not “inspiring models”, they are prostitutes looking for paid sex gigs with foreign men. Make-up tutorial girls on YouTube are desperate narcissists. Twitter shots of supposedly rich people showing their money and cars are all staged using props and pretend bills.

A generation ago people used to compare themselves to their neighbors, now people spend more time with people they know from TV than their actual neighbors and aspire to this very unrealistic image, whether it’s through reality TV or social media, about what life is like. Silicon Valley has built a Wizard of Oz fantasy and told society that this is what everybody else has.

Nobody has yet become the Toto that will pull the curtain back to reveal that the Wizards of Oz at Google, Facebook and Twitter are just pathetic misogynist, rapist, sex abusing, sociopaths who have too much money and too little moral ethics.



Obama’s Energy Department Raped U.S Manufacturing Companies And Destroyed An Auto Industry


By Kyle Winston- Detroit Inside News


Barack Obama was a vindictive narcissist who said “yes” to every under-handed scheme that David Plouffe, Rahm Emmanual, Robert Gibbs, David Axelrod and John Podesta dragged into the Oval Office.

One such scheme was designed to provide crony campaign finance payola in the form of “Cleantech Cash” and stock market pump-and-dumps for Obama’s Silicon Valley Oligarchs. This scheme, and others like it, are the subjects of the feature films: Too Big To Fail, Clinton Cash, Inside Job, and other films about the corruption of public tax dollars. The 60 Minutes investigative segments called: The Cleantech Crash, Congress Trading On Insider Information and The Lobbyists Playbook go into great detail about how these complex and extreme crimes were operated by the highest level public officials in the land.

With such an overt set of crimes, you would think there would be a large number of arrests but, as the Snowden, Panama, Swiss and FISA leaks now confirm, dirty bosses at the FBI and DOJ were not only covering up these crimes, but profiteering off of them. The Attorney Generals in New York and California were being paid by the very criminals engaged in these crimes.

The victims hit hardest were the independent automobile manufacturers in America. They were solicited by Obama, and his cronies, to waste their lives, budgets, brands and futures on Obama’s green car scheme. It turns out they were just defrauded into being used as theater props and facades to run cover for the kick-backs behind Obama’s covertly hard-wired Advanced Transportation Vehicle Manufacturing and Loan Guarantee Programs. Only Obama’s insiders were ever intended to get the cash.

History proves that hundreds of car companies with better technologies, better business metrics, lower costs, safer defect records, far better debt ratios, more public demand, and hundreds of other advantages, were blockaded and sabotaged by Obama. Obama did this to protect his insider crony car companies Tesla and Fisker because they paid for Obama’s political campaigns. These facts are now indisputable. Hundreds of Congressional hearings and tens of thousands of media reports prove it beyond any doubt.

Bright Automotive, Zap Cars, XP Vehicles, Brammo, Eco-Motors, Aptera, VVC, Bannon Automotive, Local Motors, T3, Think, Biotrike, EV Innovations, Vectrix, Limnia, Revolution Motors, Kleenspeed, Electric Motors Corp, Alte, Phoenix Motors, Wrightspeed, Goodearth, Cooperative Energy, Elio, Transonic, VPG, Electrovaya, ElectroRides, MotorTrike, BG, Futuris, and and host of other domestic companies were lied to and defrauded by Obama’s U.S. Government.

Federal representatives solicited and encouraged these companies to spend years of their time, staff commitments, mortgages, leases, payrolls and expenses on these bogus Department of Energy programs. During the entire operation of these programs energy bosses Steven Chu, Lachlan Seward, Matt Rogers, Steve Spinner, and the rest of Obama’s lackeys, knew that the money would only ever go to Obama’s campaign financiers at Solyndra, Tesla, Fisker and a handful of insiders. The San Francisco FBI kicked in the doors of Solyndra because so much money was missing but FBI bosses ended the investigation when Solyndra’s profits were found to lead straight back to Obama’s Oval Office. As we all now know, FBI Director James Comey and Secretary of Energy Steven Chu were terminated for this corruption.

The abuse of these domestic applicants did not end with just the stone-walling and government blockades. It got far darker. The Obama Administration hacked, poisoned, blocked benefits of, spied on, black-listed and character assassinated any person from those outsider companies who cooperated with the investigations of Obama’s crimes.




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