Reports Prove That Bots and Google Manipulation Influenced 2008 and 2016 Elections and the DNC's FEC Covered It Up!


Reports Prove That Bots and Google Manipulation Influenced 2008 and 2016 Elections and the DNC's FEC Covered It Up! The FEC knew but did nothing!

- Google found to have manipulated election and business news that affected over 220 million American's perceptions

Computational Propaganda in the United States of America: Manufacturing Consensus Online

As part of our new country case study series, project members Sam Woolley and Doug Guilbeault investigated the use of bots and other false amplifiers in the US.


Do bots have the capacity to influence the flow of political information over social media? This working paper answers this question through two methodological avenues: A) a qualitative analysis of how political bots were used to support United States presidential candidates and campaigns during the 2016 election, and B) a network analysis of bot influence on Twitter during the same event. Political bots are automated software programs that operate on social media, written to mimic real people in order to manipulate public opinion. The qualitative findings are based upon nine months of fieldwork on the campaign trail, including interviews with bot makers, digital campaign strategists, security consultants, campaign staff, and party officials. During the 2016 campaign, a bipartisan range of domestic and international political actors made use of political bots. The Republican Party, including both self-proclaimed members of the “alt-right” and mainstream members, made particular use of these digital political tools throughout the election. Meanwhile, public conversation from campaigners and government representatives is inconsistent about the political influence of bots. This working paper provides ethnographic evidence that bots affect information flows in two key ways: 1) by “manufacturing consensus,” or giving the illusion of significant online popularity in order to build real political support, and 2) by democratizing propaganda through enabling nearly anyone to amplify online interactions for partisan ends. We supplement these findings with a quantitative network analysis of the influence bots achieved within retweet networks of over 17 million tweets, collected during the 2016 US election. The results of this analysis confirm that bots reached positions of measurable influence during the 2016 US election. Ultimately, therefore, we find that bots did affect the flow of information during this particular event. This mixed-method approach shows that bots are not only emerging as a widely-accepted tool of computational propaganda used by campaigners and citizens, but also that bots can influence political processes of global significance.

Citation: Samuel C. Woolley & Douglas Guilbeault, “Computational Propaganda in the United States of America: Manufacturing Consensus Online.” Samuel Woolley and Philip N. Howard, Eds. Working Paper 2017.5. Oxford, UK: Project on Computational Propaganda.<>. 28 pp.






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Never, Ever, Get Your Internet From Outer Space!!


By Boeing Resources


A bunch of companies are about to offer you internet from satellites, balloons and things flying around above the Earth.

If you take any of these companies up on their offers, you are destroying yourself, your family, your privacy and your freedom.

Do you really think that any corporation is going to spend billions of dollars to give YOU free internet?

Seriously!? Have you ever heard of that happening in history...without an awful catch?

Every single time society hears about a free sucker-play from a corporation, years later we discover that we have been used by that corporation for some sinister purpose.

These politically motivated companies are doing this to control what you see, think and feel and to steer you to their political points of view.

Facebook’s and Google’s master plan is to have no employees and run their companies with Chat-Bots that are programmed to steer you to their ideologies. Yes! Facebook wants to get rid of all of their Pakistani and Indian programmer-slaves and put the whole thing on SkyNet mode. Documents just uncovered that showed that Facebook’s robots had already run out-of-control by creating “their own language” to plot with each other.

Facebook is the Anthony Weiner of the Internet.

Just like Anthony Weiner, Facebook has a pretty facade which hangs around with Hillary Clinton.

Just like Anthony Weiner, Facebook is a DNC operative.

Just like Anthony Weiner, Facebook is ridden with sexual depravity.

Just like Anthony Weiner, Facebook is incapable of seeing how sick and it is.

Just like Anthony Weiner, Facebook has an autistic inability to recognize it’s evil.

Just like Anthony Weiner, Facebook robotic-ally abuses and can’t stop itself, even when caught in broad daylight.

Just like Anthony Weiner, Facebook sees the epic volumes of complaints, lawsuits and negative articles about itself but it cannot cease it’s lumbering conveyor belt process of social perversion.

Facebook will never stop doing evil, manipulating news and politics and spying on the public. There was never a “stop” button built into Anthony Weiner’s mind and there isn’t a “stop” button built into Facebook’s computers.

Facebook, Google and the Silicon Valley spies are putting these “internet satellites” up there.

Don’t believe their lies about their encryption. They send your data to VERY fishy characters before it gets to you.

You are the biggest sucker on the planet if you use their internet.

Using satellite internet is like letting someone chew your food before you eat it. You don’t want second-hand data, with all of the dessert scrapped off, and with a bugging device embedded in each bite!




The Utter BS of Elon Musk


By E&E Research Center – Los Angeles


Elon Musk says that he wants all of the NASA and Department of Defense taxpayer cash in order to build A Utopian City of Joy on Mars.

He lies.

He is only using SpaceX to build and launch spy satellites to spy on citizens and deliver fake news and data harvesting to the world. He makes these BS pronouncements about impossible Martian cities in order to smoke-screen his crony cash grabs. He blinds you with his BS while he robs your paycheck. Part of your pay check deduction pays for Elon Musk’s sex workers and private jets.

He floods the internet with artist renderings and hippie “Master Plans” of a sex-infused Burning-Man-on-Mars hype. At the same time, what he is actually doing is launching the deadliest, most privacy-abusing, data-harvesting devices humankind has ever known, into space.

SpaceX is where the dirty political tricksters of In-Q-Tel work. SpaceX is where the muder-and-heroin-for-sale online site: Silk Road, was launched. SpaceX is the company that has had lots of rockets blow-up. SpaceX is who is getting sued by their engineer for lying about safety. SpaceX is a BAD THING!

Musk always presents his pitch as if he wanted you to help him make pixie dust and fuzzy socks for disabled Magic Fairies in the Golden Forest of Dreams!

Who wouldn’t want to help with that!?

His self-promoting ego-masturbation TED Talks are designed to present a Wizard of Oz load of crap that will bring the suckers running and dull the sensibilities of the casual observer. Musk is the fraud behind the curtain.

Imagine! By even listening to Elon Musk and his friends you can help save the Fairies!

Musk looks like a fresh-scrubbed frat house boy with an easy smile. Some want us to recall that many sociopaths looked just like Elon Musk. They use their looks to disarm you just before they cut your throat.

He uses a political tactic best described as the “Fluffy Pillow Filled With Sharp Nails” approach.

He couches political crony-ism cash grabs in a soft facade of warm, fuzzy, crunchy-granola, singing bird, sunshine-talk in order to lure the voters and stupider politicians into a dulled somnambulism.

Look!”, he says “… it’s just a fuzzy puppy. We all love fuzzy puppies. Move along, nothing to see here..”

The “fuzzy puppy” is actually a Halloween puppy costume draped over a three-headed cancer-ridden monster. The “fluffy pillow” is filled with broken glass and poisoned nails that will cut you to shreds. Musk uses FACADES to hide his dirty, criminally corrupt schemes.

Musk partners with people like David Plouffe. Plouffe delivers cash and power through the dirtiest anal crevasses of the political system.

Musk’s (now dead) SolarCity was a scam to exploit his poisonous exploding batteries and get free government cash. It had nothing to do with “saving the planet.” It was entirely about exploiting free government cash that he arranged with Obama in exchange for political campaigning. Tesla Motors is the same thing. All of the lawsuits against him from his ex-wives, ex-partners, ex-employees, ex -suppliers, ex-investors and the families of the dead victims of Tesla, clearly expose Musk as a fraud and an asshole!

Musk and his crony’s are who helped Obama turn the U.S. Department of Energy into a private slush-fund to pay back Obama’s campaign financiers. Musk and Plouffe came up with the scam: “...We can say it’s green and the voters will never ask questions as we suck the Treasury dry...”

The entire “Green”, “Cleantech” “Climate Tech” Solyndra and Cleantech Crash ruckus was scam dreamed up by these scumbags to funnel cash to Silicon Valley Billionaires. They need to be in federal prison and not on YouTube giving TED Talks.

Don’t be a sucker and a tool by buying into Musk’s BS.





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