Nancy Pelosi's Lie: How Political Pretexts Work


Nancy Pelosi's Lie: How Political Pretexts Work


By Deborah Lewis – St. Louis Digital News

When corrupt politicians want to rape the taxpayers and put your taxes in their pockets they create what is known as a “pretext”

Here are some common political “pretexts”:

“Hate Speech” = We thought we controlled the news but now thepublic has found out about our crimes so we need this excuse to help Google, Twitter and Facebook censor any news about our crimes

“Black Lives Matter” = The DNC needs to get Blacks to voteDemocrat so they can swell the voter rolls so that Dianne Feinstein and her husband can steal more money in crony DNC deals

“Open Borders” = The DNC needs to get Browns to vote Democrat sothey can swell the voter rolls so that Dianne Feinstein and her husband can steal more money in crony DNC deals and Mark Zuckerbergneeds this cheap labor

“Reduce Regulations” = Bankers want to do whatever they want andso to hell with the public

There are many Political Pretexts under way currently, but the onethat has cost American taxpayers the most money is the “War on Terror’. That is a six trillion dollar loss to date with anexpenditure of $250 million per day. U.S. Senators make stock market profits off of it! It is followed closely by the “War on Drugs”.These two wars may have stopped some bad things but the federal budget folks call most of that money a “loss”. The only winnerswere the Senators who put the stock market profits from those efforts in their families bank accounts and trust funds.

The biggest, most criminally corrupt pretext in history is called the“Green Cash Crash”. The highest level politicians from Washington, DC, New York, Nevada, California and Vermont joined acabal which raped the taxpayers of their rights, their money, their companies, their votes, and their jobs under the guise of “saving Polar bears”.

The Green Cash Crash was put together by Silicon Valley billionairesand the politicians that they had in their pockets: Kamala Harris, Dianne Feinstein, Al Gore, Harry Reid, Steven Chu, Matt Rogers, JerryBrown, Ken Alex, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Hillary Clinton, and that gang of political prostitutes. These corrupt politicians put theGreen Cash scam together and put billions of dollars of profit in their bank accounts from it. The taxpayers LOST billions of dollarsfrom it!

The "Paradise Papers Leaks", The "Panama Papers Leaks"and Congressional investigations now prove these assertions to be true!

These politicians pocketed billions of dollars in personal stockmarket, search rigging and cash profits while causing their constituents to lose billions of dollars to their monopolisticCartel. They controlled the cover-up by using their ownership of the main stream news, Hollywood and Google/Facebook/Twitter’s lock-upof the internet.

CBS News 60 Minutes TV Show did some segments about how their scamworked. The segments were called “The Lobbyists Playbook”, “Congress Trading on Insider Information” and “The Cleantech Crash”. When you watch all 3 of these segments on the CBS website, one after the other, you will be sickened by theaudacious criminal culture that these politicians have built for themselves.

In 2006 these politicians decided that they could control who wouldbe President by using Google/Facebook/Twitter to manipulate Obama and then Clinton into office. As we all now know, Obama and Clinton hadmade some dirty mining deals with Russians, worth trillions of dollars, and they promised the exclusives on those deals to SiliconValley’s billionaire owners of Google/Facebook/Twitter/Tesla/Solyndra, etc.

The pretext that the Obama and Clinton insiders had agreed to wasthat “everybody will die from Earthquakes and 1000 foot high walls of water if we don’t change the climate”. You have now seen proof in the news that government scientists were ordered tomake up data that would sell this story in order to put cash in these politicians pockets.

You have now seen proof in the news that Obama and Clinton’spersonal friends were the only ones who were ever allowed to receive the government cash that would stop this fictional 1000 foot highwall of water.

Thousands of companies offered solutions to stop the apocalypse of“sad Polar bears” and “water walls”, but, for some strange and ironic reason, the only ones that ever got funding to save thosePolar bears happened to be the best friends of the politicians. In an even more ironic turn of events, the handful of companies that gotthe money to save the Polar bears (ie: Tesla, Solyndra, Abound, Ener1, Fisker) just happened to have their stock owned by those verysame politicians. In an even stranger coincidence, many of these politicians had been doing business with Russian mobsters!

Isn’t that the most amazing coincidence in history?

To be crystal clear: Kamala Harris, Dianne Feinstein, Al Gore, HarryReid, Steven Chu, Matt Rogers, Jerry Brown, Ken Alex, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Hillary Clinton, and that gang of politicalprostitutes made up a story about an emergency that never existed so that they could take billions of your tax dollars and put it in theirown pockets.

They used a “magic mirror” trick. They said “Look over here at me waving my hands to save this cute Polar bear...” “...youwouldn’t question saving a cute Polar bear would you?” ...and, as they pathetically waved their hands on one side of the mirror,they passed your money to their friends and stock-brokers on the other side of the mirror, where you could not see it being done.

These people are criminal whores who lied to you and stole your moneyand your America.

Demand that they be arrested!

Uranium One and Lithium Two Were the Crooked Mining Deals For Obama,Clinton and Elon Musk’s Corruption

Uranium and lithium are minerals that makes DNC billionaires rich throughcorruption. Elon Musk funded Obama and Clinton and they handed him the lithium market as his payola.

Emails Reveal Bill Clinton Met With Vladimir Putin Just Before Uranium One Deal

by Tyler Durden


If President Trump or anyone even remotely close to his presidency,including his best friend from 2nd grade that he hadn't seen in 40 years, sought to meet with key Russian nuclear officials, in Moscow,just months before the federal government approved a very controversial deal handing Vladimir Putin 20% of U.S. uraniumreserves, despite an ongoing investigation into Russian fraud, bribery, extortion and money laundering, it would be the only storyplayed on a 24 x 7 loop on CNN and MSNBC.

Ironically, that is exactly what new emails dug up by The Hill show that Bill Clinton did in June 2010, just months before theUranium One deal was approved by a committee on which his wife, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, sat.  Oh, and did we mentionthat Bill's Clinton Foundation just happened to collect millions of dollars in bribes donations from Russian sources and Uranium One shareholders shortly after hisMoscow meetings?

As you will recall, the Committee on Foreign Investment in the UnitedStates (CFIUS), approved the Uranium One transaction in October 2010.  According to new emails revealed by The Hill, just monthsbefore that approval, Bill Clinton sought permission from the State Department, run by his wife at the time, to meet Arkady Dvorkovich, atop aide to then-Russian President Dmitri Medvedev and one of the highest-ranking government officials to serve on Rosatom’s board ofsupervisors, the company which was ultimately approved to purchase Uranium One.

As he prepared to collect a $500,000 payday in Moscow in 2010, BillClinton sought clearance from the State Department to meet with a key board director of the Russian nuclear energy firm Rosatom — which at the time needed the Obama administration’s approvalfor a controversial uranium deal, government records show.
Arkady Dvorkovich, a top aide to then-Russian President Dmitri Medvedev andone of the highest-ranking government officials to serve on Rosatom’s board of supervisors, was listed on a May 14, 2010, email as one of 15 Russians the formerpresident wanted to meet during a late June 2010 trip, the documents show.
In the context of a possible trip to Russia at the end of June, WJC isbeing asked to see the business/government folks below. Would State have concerns about WJC seeing any of these folks,” Clinton Foundation foreign policy adviser Amitabh Desai wrote theState Department on May 14, 2010, using the former president’s initials and forwarding the list of names to former Secretary ofState Hillary Clinton’s team.

While we apparently still don't know whether Bill Clinton was ultimatelyapproved to hold those meetings, his team did confirm that he met with Vladimir Putin at his privateresidence.

The documents don’t indicate what decision the State Department finallymade. But current and former aides to both Clintons told The Hill on Thursday the request to meet the variousRussians came from other people, and the ex-president’s aides and State decided in the end not to hold any of the meetings with theRussians on the list.
Bill Clinton instead got together with Vladimir Putin at the Russianleader’s private homestead.

Meanwhile, The Hill revealed yet another facet to the story from a "closeassociate of Bill Clinton" who says that his trip to Russia may have been as much about helping family members “grow investments in their business with Russian oligarchs and otherbusinesses," businesses in which we're sure Bill and Hillary just happened to havea stake, as it was about trading American uranium reserves for Clinton Foundation donations.

A close associate of Bill Clinton who was directly involved in theMoscow trip and spoke on condition of anonymity, described to The Hill the circumstances surrounding how Bill Clinton landed a $500,000speaking gig in Russia and then came up with the list of Russians he wanted to meet.
The friend said Hillary Clinton had just returned in late March 2010 froman official trip to Moscow where she met with both Putin and Medvedev. The president’s speaker’s bureau had just received anoffer from Renaissance Capital to pay the former president $500,000 for a single speech in Russia.
Documents show Bill Clinton’s personal lawyer on April 5, 2010, sent aconflict of interest review to the State Department asking for permission to give the speech in late June, and it was approved twodays later.
The Clinton friend said the former president’s office then beganassembling a list of requests to meet with Russian business and government executives whom he could meet on the trip. One of the goals of the trip was to try to help a Clinton family relative“grow investments in their business with Russian oligarchs and other businesses,” the friend told The Hill.
It was one of the untold stories of the Russia trip. People have focusedon Uranium One and the speaking fees, but opening up a business spigot for the family business was one only us insiders knew about,”the friend said.
We knew of some sort of transactions in which the Clintons receivedfunds and Russia received approvals, and the question has always been how and if those two events are connected,” he said. “I think this provides further evidence the two may be connected.”

Of course, Hillary contends that this entire story is a "big nothing-burger" and that everyone should promptly return their focus to the $100,000worth of Facebook ads that destroyed her campaign and the entire American democratic process...

Aides to the ex-president, Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation saidBill Clinton did not have any conversations about Rosatom or the Uranium One deal while in Russia, and that no one connected to thedeal was involved in the trip. A spokesman for Secretary Clinton said Thursday the continued focus onthe Uranium One deal smacked of partisan politics aimed at benefiting Donald Trump.
At every turn this storyline has been debunked on the merits. Its rootsare with a project shepherded by Steve Bannon, which should tell you all you need to know,” said Nick Merrill. “This latest iteration is simply more of the right doing Trump’s biddingfor him to distract from his own Russia problems, which are real and a grave threat to our national security.” Current and former Clinton aides told The Hill that the list ofproposed business executives the former president planned to meet raised some sensitivities after Bill Clinton’s speaker bureau gotthe invite for the lucrative speech.

...and we're confident CNN wholeheartedly agrees.

Tax avoidance

Paradise Papers

Paradise Papers leak reveals secrets of world elite's Hidden wealth


Files from offshore law firm show financial dealings of the Queen, bigmultinationals and members of Donald Trump’s cabinet

0:00 / 2:07











What are the Paradise Papers? – video






Juliette Garside



The world’s biggest businesses, heads of state and global figures inpolitics, entertainment and sport who have sheltered their wealth in secretive tax havens are being revealed this week in a major newinvestigation into Britain’s offshore empires.

The details come from a leak of 13.4m files that expose the globalenvironments in which tax abuses can thrive – and the complex and seemingly artificial ways the wealthiest corporations can legallyprotect their wealth.

The material, which has come from two offshore service providers and thecompany registries of 19 tax havens, was obtained by the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung and shared by the International Consortium of InvestigativeJournalists with partners including the Guardian, the BBC and the New York Times.

The project has been called the Paradise Papers. It reveals:

The disclosures will put pressure on world leaders, including Trump andthe British prime minister, Theresa May, who have both pledged to curb aggressive tax avoidance schemes.

The publication of this investigation, for which more than 380journalists have spent a year combing through data that stretches back 70 years, comes at a time of growing global income inequality.

Meanwhile, multinational companies are shifting a growing share of profitsoffshore – €600bn in the last year alone – the leading economist Gabriel Zucman will reveal in a study to be published laterthis week.

The world’s (second) biggest data leak

2.6TB The Panama Papers, 2016


The Paradise Papers

1.7GB WikiLeaks, 2010

3.3GB HSBC files, 2015

4.4GB Luxembourg tax files,



Offshore secrets,


Guardian graphic

Tax havens are one of the key engines of the rise in global inequality,”he said. “As inequality rises, offshore tax evasion is becoming an elite sport.”

At the centre of the leak is Appleby, a law firm with outposts inBermuda, the Cayman Islands, the British Virgin Islands, the Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey. In contrast to Mossack Fonseca, the discredited firm at the centre of last year’s Panama Papers investigation, Appleby prides itself on being a leading member of the “magiccircle” of top-ranking offshore service providers.

It acted for the establishment offshore, providing the structures thathelped to legally reduce their tax bills.

Appleby says it has investigated all the allegations, and found “there is noevidence of any wrongdoing, either on the part of ourselves or our clients”, adding: “We are a law firm which advises clients onlegitimate and lawful ways to conduct their business. We do not tolerate illegal behaviour.”





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