Josh Earnest

Press Secretary

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20500


Dear Josh:

How is it going over there?

It is time for you to get the Big Guy to respond to our letter? You can probably respond too; since it

is now on your head if this screws up more, or not.

Please don’t be like Gibbs, and up and quit, when you get this letter; like he did the last time around,

when one of us, personally, told him your guys were caught. (…and Stricklan at NHTSA, and Chu at

DOE, and all the rest that high-tailed it out of Dodge..) Don’t just ignore this, or send a non-

responsive form letter, or try to run-the-clock out. Those tricks don’t work anymore.

You must know that everybody knows everything about this case, now. You can’t find a law

enforcement agency, major news organization or transparency group that does not have a terrific

file on this. You, certainly, know exactly what happened here.

The cat is out of the proverbial bag.

Instead of affecting all of the 2016 election potentials, your office’s legacy and the last shreds of

positive public opinion you might have left, why don’t YOU do the right thing?

We are going to keep filing lawsuits, making social media, sending out press briefs, launching novel

community technologies and running the “Streisand Effect” forever, until you guys stop the cover up

and sit down to settle this. It won’t be over until there is a fair settlement. Your guys took some of us

out of the game, but more of us keep popping up because of your dirty ball game tactics, so..there’s

that…plus 300+ million voter/taxpayers.

Unlike your guys, WE never break the law. We know how to use the law, and work with hundreds of

millions of voters to terminate corruption. We have already proven that our stuff works. We have

delivered on public policy repair. That was just Part 1. Months before the 2016 elections arrive,

billions of people will know all of the facts. We will accomplish all of the hell-raising without breaking

a single law. We don’t break laws, we catch crooks. You can’t put the hit-jobs on us any more. You

got us, we are flattened. Now you have to start all over on voter #299,310,000, Then voter

#299,310,001; and so on.. good luck with that. How’s that working out for you so far?

Your first reaction may be too fire off a press release and tell your guys at Google to start rigging the

search engines again and try to squelch this, but here’s the deal. We got all this from the Press and

they got much of their stuff from the cops…so there’s that. If there is a single thing, on the attached

Law Enforcement FACT-SHEET that you can prove to us, and the voters, didn’t happen, we will take it

off of the list and stop saying it.

Do you want to help us, or hinder us? It isn’t clear. We helped put your guy in office; then he stuck it

to us. That was not very nice.

The clock is ticking. We have been waiting over five years for you to get your act together and fix

this. Almost every voter in America would agree that we have been extremely patient. Time’s up.

We need an answer now. Are you the good guys or the bad guys? Are you going to fix this, or

become known as Nixon 2.0?

Just curious.


Give us a shout. We look forward to your call.



Encl: Letter to President; Law Enforcement Update

CC: Usual Suspects…

Dear President Obama:

You are familiar with the fact that your staff, including, Mr. Emanual, Plouffe, Daly, Strickland,

Holder, Chu, Gibbs, Axelrod, Carny, McDonough, Rattner, and others, all of whom, suddenly, quit

their federal jobs, when exposed, did a bad thing.

They arranged with campaign financiers, including Mr. Musk, Westly, Jurvetson, Schmidt, Doerr,

and others, to exchange government contracts, tax waivers, grants, stock valuation increases, stock

holding assets and tax credits for campaign support.

lawsuits; the 60 Minutes Episode called: Many published GAO

investigations; the in-progress FBI case which began with the FBI Solyndra raid; Over 100,000 news

ousands of other published, and

broadcast materials. In fact, there is now, so much published evidence, proving that this scandal took

place, that it is impossible to deny. There are now millions of pages of evidence, and hours of

recordings that provide irrefutable proof.

We are the victims of this scandal. We are the companies, and individuals, that your Administration

invited into the program, so it would look good, in the beginning. Your staff, knew, though, from

Day One, that the money had already been set-aside for Mr. Musk, Westly, Jurvetson, Schmidt,

Doerr, and others. The money was hard-wired, ahead of time. All of our time and money, spent at

the request of your people, was worthless, and your people knew it, and lied to our faces.

situation for The Nation.

So all of us were lied to, and forced to spend our time and money on a federal program that we were

never going to be allowed to help with. Bright Automotive, Aptera, Brammo, Zap, XPV, and all of

the rest, were just being used as a cover for a game that was already rigged.

You owe us our expenses for the damages your people cost us because of those lies and abuses.

these abuses of taxpayer resources, your people put hit-jobs on us. Your offices, and campaign

financiers, ordered their associates: Media Matters, Gawker Media, In-Q-Tel, New America

Foundation, Think Progress, Google, and others, to attack us. Your people tried to wipe us out, in

retribution for helping the cops. The - type


That was pretty unkind.

You owe us for the losses suffered from these character assassination and employment database

attacks. Your people made sure all of us could not work again. We plan to use our free time to prevent

these kinds of abuses, starting with the 2016 elections.

On top of all that, you, personally, owe us an apology.

These were your people, on your watch. The buck stops at the Oval Office.

We look forward to your phone call. We hereby petition for the appointment of a Cleantech Crash

Special Prosecutor and Victims Fund to assist those targeted in this scandal.



FACT-SHEET Version Update 9/2/2015.H

Let’s check out the latest news in the notorious “Cleantech Crash” that brought you Solyndra,

corruption scandals and political ruckus. Any U.S. citizen can confirm all of this information,

themselves, using FOIA filings and online research databases. The cover-up, by politicians trying to

avoid embarrassment, seems to have failed.

This is a collaborative, on-line, shared-edit, document by those who were attacked in this case.

Here is a quick overview of the latest findings:

What were the attacks and abuses of office:

 Federal officials specifically assigned application reviews to individuals known to already

have political, financial and familial incentives to see the Plaintiffs fail. These federal

officials knew, from the outset, that their review associates would never pass anyone who

competed with their friends, and who was not on a pre-approved list of “hard-wired”

insiders. Most of these “reviewers” were, themselves, competitors to Plaintiffs, whose

technology could have put some of their companies out of business. DOE staff, and their

contractors, were, secretly, pre-disposed to seek to damage any applicants who competed

with their financial, political and career interests. All rejected applicants competed with

their financial, political and career interests.

 What is the proof?:

 Financial, stock, employment, payment, asset, IBM Consulting emails, Argonne Laboratories

emails and files, Sandia Laboratories emails and files, Perkins law firm emails, OPM

retention documents for DOE staff during that time period. Email and meeting documents

confirm this. Government and media investigations provide additional proof.


 Federal records show that one of the Plaintiffs companies was in the #1 position to receive

funding in the federal program. When the friends of federal officials discovered Plaintiffs

lead position, and realized that they were also technology competitors, they ordered Dept.

of Energy bosses to change the taken-in-order/”first come, first served” rules so that

Plaintiffs were no longer in the lead. This was done because White House and Department

of Energy friends were the campaign financiers, competing applicants, business

competitors and pre-arranged awardees

 What is the proof?:

 Federal public records and DOE witnesses. DOE’s own press releases and power points,

videos of presentations, transcripts and witness testimony clearly prove that the Section 136

law and published rules said “first come – first served”, “Applications will be processed in

order of receipt” and that Steven Chu then changed those rules, order to damage his

competitors, when he realized that his competitors were in the lead position.


 Department of Energy senior staff promised to provide a single one-sentence comment to

Plaintiffs investors in order for those investors to provide the application fee, which the

Department of Energy had required, from one of Plaintiffs Companies. The Senior

Department of Energy official refused to provide the response until after the deadline for

application receipt had passed. At the moment that the deadline had passed, the official,

sent a time stamped email stating that it was too late to apply because we had missed the

deadline which he had caused to be missed. This senior DOE staff member had

intentionally sabotaged the application by refusing to respond, per his promise, to a huge

number of emails, FedEx requests and phone calls; even though his secretary said he was

in the next room, each time Plaintiffs attempted to follow-up. He was an associate of

Plaintiffs competitors and ran part of the Department of Energy

 What is the proof?:

 Time stamped communications, Department of energy records and law enforcement



 One of Plaintiffs Companies wrote a letter of complaint to Senator Bingaman and the

Senate Committee that oversees the Department of Energy. Senator Bingaman forwarded

the letter to Steven Chu, for his comment on the issue. Steven Chu wrote a letter back in

which Chu specifically refused to comment on the issue.

 What is the proof?:

 Library of Congress and Federal document records


 Steven Chu only awarded federal funds to his friends, who also were campaign financiers

and business competitors of Plaintiffs companies.

 What is the proof?:

 Federal records, email, stock market records, emails, investigative documents, surveillance.


 White House staff had pre-coordinated with Steven Chu, and the few awardees who

actually received the funding, in advance of the beginning of the funding program, in order

arrange quid-pro-quo kickback arrangements, while, at the same time, damaging their


 What is the proof?:

 Public records, news reports, stock evidence, PAC reports, family trust records, financial

records, corporate records, ownership documents, and surveillance.


 Federal officials solicited independent applicants such as ZAP, Bright Automotive,

Brammo, Elio, Aptera, XPV and many others, to use them as cover stories in order to make

the program look like it had not been rigged, in advance, when, in fact, it had been. Every

applicant who was not on the pre-rigged insider list, and competed with those who were,

was terminated by the actions of federal officials

 What is the proof?:

 Retrospective records and federal documents prove that no independent company, who was

not friends with, and financiers for, DOE and White House campaigns, was rejected. Emails,

witnesses, financial documents, waterfall charts, surveillance, restaurant videos of meetings,

and testimony records.


 White House and DOE officials ordered, coordinated, managed and supported media and

economic financial assassination and character assassination attacks on applicants who

reported misdeeds. They used their contractors: In-Q-Tel, New America Foundation, Think

Progress, Gawker Media and certain other, specific, hired writers, and operatives to

engage in these revenge and retribution attacks.

 What is the proof?:

 The vast and clearly visible publicly published news coverage clearly proves that the attacks

did happen. Numerous other citizens have recently filed lawsuits against federal officials

proving that they were subjected to the same attacks by the same Administration. All of the

above-mentioned attack contractors have been financially, politically, familiarly, asset,

communications and activity traced back the same federal officials and their friends, who

also happen to be the same friends who are the only ones to receive the cash from the

funding programs and who also, coincidentally, happen to be competitors of the Plaintiffs;

while, also coincidentally, being the campaign financiers of this Administration. Additionally,

the particular scope, distribution and timing of the attacks specifically times out to be

synchronous to the complaints filed by the Plaintiffs. All Plaintiffs had glowing reference and

top standings until the attacks, for decades prior, proving the attack period to be an

anomaly. Web published exhortations by the attackers show that they, exclusively, financed,

managed and controlled the attacking contractors. IP and DNS server records.


 Federal officials control the search results of Google, for political purposes, and used

Google’s monopolistic control of internet news and media to attack the Plaintiffs because

they were competitors and because they reported the misdeeds of those federal officials

and cooperated with federal investigators who were looking into their crimes.

 What is the proof?:

 EU investigations have proven that Google rigs its search engine via manual manipulation.

Kliener Perkins created Google, received some of the largest cash kickbacks from DOE and

White House sources, funded The White House and West Coast Senators campaigns and can

be financially, stock market, communications and witness-traced as the controlling party in

most Google political search manipulations. Additionally, multiple research institutes, as well

as Plaintiffs own private investigators, have revealed that they had placed thousands of

internet servers across the internet to document and records Google’s malicious search

engine manipulations, and political attacks, ever since 2009. Complete technical evidence

now exists to prove that Google, specifically manipulated its search results, at the request of

federal officials, in order to attack the Plaintiffs in revenge for helping investigators and to

seek to minimize their credibility if a Special Prosecutor should ever be appointed.


 Eric Holder and Steven Chu were placed in office with orders to protect the Department of

Energy and TARP kickback scheme from discovery.

 What is the proof?:

 The law firm of Covington and Burling lobbied to place both of them in office under the

direction and payroll of the very same people who were Steven Chu’s friends and recipients

of the DOE cash. Public records, family trust disclosures, emails, former Covington and

Burling staff, surveillance and federal investigation files. Both are shown to have had

personal, business and stock relationships with all of the financiers and their companies,

before, during, and after their federal office roles.


 A large part of the scam sought to control the lithium battery commodity market in a

manner which would create monopolistic control of domestic supply lines.

 What is the proof?:

 All of the lithium mining, lithium commodity exploitation and manufacturing was owned or

controlled by the same parties who Steven Chu gave the cash to and they were also the

same parties who were campaign financiers and they also had previous relationships with

Steven Chu and his business efforts. Additionally, they competed with the other applicants,

who were sabotaged and denied, and greatly feared most of those other applicants because

they had technologies while appeared to obsolete their lithium batteries. The parties who

received cash from Steven Chu were the same parties who distributed, and promoted, the

“Afghanistan is the Saudi Arabia of Lithium” and “Trillions of dollars of lithium in

Afghanistan” articles and white papers.


 Lachlan Seward, Steven Chu’s cash administrator at the Department of Energy, ordered

federal record shredded and told his staff to ignore, and/or manipulate the records of the

applicants who were not friends of Steven Chu.

 What is the proof?:

 Previous, and later, documents for Tesla Motors show differences in the documents. DOE

staff engaged in shredding order by Seward. DOE Maintenance records. DOE cameras.

Emails. Missing evidence requested by Committees.


 Steven Chu waived Tesla Motors application fees on request of White House operatives.

 What is the proof?:

 Tesla staff have been recorded confirming this. U.S. Treasury and OBM staff have,

additionally, confirmed this.


 Elon Musk, at the time one of the richest men in America, has needed to receive tens of

billions of dollars of taxpayer hand-outs as a kickback for him, and his friends, for funding

Obama’s and Dianne Feinstein’s political efforts. He got his State & federal cash as part of

a kick-back scheme

 What is the proof?:

 For the Feinstein proof. Emails, surveillance, public records and witness testimony proves

that the Feinstein family did lobby to put Solyndra and Tesla on the same plot of land that

they controlled in Fremont, California. The real estate records, family trust documents, tax

documents, emails, Fremont council meetings with Feinstein staff, Feinstein control of

Newman Search HR for Tesla and Solyndra, Feinstein sharing of staff with Tesla/Solyndra,

Feinstein inside stock trading, Feinstein adjacent property ownership, Feinstein construction

company ownership, Feinstein leasing and contract rights ownerships, and related

documents, Documents from Toyota, prove that the Feinstein’s got Solyndra and Tesla

funded in exchange. For insider trading and cash kickbacks. Additionally, emails, phone

records and surveillance show that Feinstein staff threatened some of the Plaintiffs and

engaged in sabotage against their business efforts which competed with Tesla and Solyndra.

Steven Chu and Elon Musk are personal friends and associates of the Feinstein family. The

evidence and proof of the Feinstein/Tesla/Solyndra collusion is quite substantial. For the

evidence of the White House/Musk collusion connects to both Musk and John Doerr’s

company: Kliener Perkins: Emails, family trusts, HSBC leaks, witnesses, other related lawsuit

evidence, Goldman Sachs surveillance recordings, stock ownership and transaction records,

and federal criminal investigation files provide ample proof. Additionally, simple math also

provides verification. There is no record, in recorded history, of such a wealthy man

receiving so many government handouts, in such sizes, with such minimal results, unless

there was an organized crime scheme underway. Additional evidence and leak documents

also verify these charges.


 The Plaintiffs had the best, most attractive debt-ratio standing of all applicants. Tesla had

the worst debt-ratio standing, of all the applicants, yet Tesla received the award even

though the federal section 136 law said that debt-ratio status was the key determination


 What is the proof?:

 Elon Musk has been recorded in news articles, network TV and in his own emails testifying to

the fact that, at the time of his application to DOE, Tesla was about to go bankrupt and he

was preparing “Golden Parachute” massive payout packages for the end of Tesla. Tesla’s

own financial records and documents filed with Welles Fargo Bank prove that Tesla was

mired in debt, had no demand for its product, and should file bankruptcy. In spite of these

facts, Tesla, in violation of the Section 136 law, was awarded federal taxpayer cash when

they had no hope of surviving without that cash. This was illegal. Federal criminal

investigation records by multiple agencies and committees further prove this fact.


 White House and Federal Reserve Bank staff help keep Tesla afloat by shifting stock

market metrics, stock pumps with buyback incentives and other special resources in order

to do anything to keep Tesla from bankruptcy and investigation like its next-door twin:


 What is the proof?:

 When Solyndra was exposed and raided by the FBI, Presidential candidate Mitt Romney was

recorded saying “Tesla and Solyndra were Losers”. This is published widely in news

broadcasts and publications. White House press staff became so fearful that the Steven Chu

campaign finance kickback scheme would go public that they organized one of the biggest

character assassination campaigns, ever created, against Romney, using the Google politics

engine. Romney is recorded and documented, in many news broadcasts describing this

character assassination attack on him by White House operatives. The ultimate crash of

Tesla will vindicate the deeply White House hated Romney, provide steam to competing

campaigns, and expose the whole kickback scheme. White House operatives have been

shown to stop at nothing to keep Tesla alive in the media in order to avoid lethal

embarrassment. While Tesla has had a record number of deaths, fires, crashes, drunk driving

incidents, toxic vapors, divorces, fraud lawsuits and low demand; all of those downsides are

covered up by Google and White House controlled media as proven in 5 years of side by side

news story comparisons of actual news in non-controlled outlets vs. manipulated news in

White House campaign financier controlled outlets such as Google.


 Federal officials had their contractors call Plaintiffs employers and get them fired, in


 What is the proof?:

 Phone records, federal surveillance, HR services.


 Gary D. Conley, Rajeev Motwani, David Bird, Karl Slym, Ravi Kumar, and many other,

mysteriously deceased, persons had personal competitive, investigative or business

interactions with the Defendants?

 What is the proof?:

 YouTube videos, statements from family members, statements from work associates,

statements from family friends, statements from press investigating the incidents, their own

blogs, published communications, emails.


 Federal officials asked applicants to work on federal projects which involved toxic and

lethal materials which Plaintiffs were exposed to working with the U.S. Department of

Energy program. When Plaintiffs filed for federal offsets for their poisoning by toxic

materials, their disability claims were stalled, manipulated and denied.

 What is the proof?:

 MSDS records, federal contracts and NDA’s, surveillance and security office records, nuclear

secrets agreement documents filings, federal records, emails, phone communications,

federal hearing records.


 Federal officials ordered their contractors to manipulate job hiring databases so that

Plaintiffs who had reported mis-deeds would get “red flagged” when recruiters or

employers tried to hire them; thus terminating any hopes they had for getting future


 What is the proof?:

 Klayman lawsuit records, Judicial Watch NSA lawsuit filings, database research, sting

investigation, HR test via private investigators, Comparative analysis metrics.


 Part of Steven Chu's scam involved manipulating mining commodities with Goldman Sachs

and Kleiner Perkins, using taxpayer money.

 What is the proof?:

 The Frank Guistra disclosures, evidence in the Raj Gupta arrest, Steven Ratner’s indictment

file, HSBC leak documents, origination records for the published articles entitled:

"Afghanistan is the Saudi Arabia of Lithium" and "Trillions of dollars of lithium in

Afghanistan". FBI records from the Solyndra raid. U.S. Senate investigation files from the

Goldman Sachs metals commodity manipulation investigations. Stock ownership disclosures,

family trust ownership documents, Cayman Islands banking disclosures, PAC forensic

examination files, real estate and shipping ownership records, supplier contracts from

Solyndra, Tesla Motors, A123 and related commodity exploiters, surveillance records,

witness testimony, DOJ records and investigations, U.S. Treasury records and investigations.

Goldman Sachs skimming of stock profits on almost every Steven Chu funded federal deal.

Previous investigations of Goldman Sachs which confirmed that Goldman physically moved

high tech metals from location, to location, in order to manipulate the stock market.



 Campaign financiers John Doerr and Elon Musk received the majority of the taxpayer

funds and associated benefits from Steven Chu, based upon White House orders.

 Campaign financiers John Doerr and Elon Musk paid for the political campaigns of the

Administration which employed Steven Chu.

 Individuals approached applicants who had applied for the federal funding, and were

competitors of John Doerr, Elon musk and Ford Motor Company. These individuals offered

to “help” the applicants with their applications by participating in their teams. These

individuals, in fact, were moles who had been previously working for those competing

parties. They had been sent in to do as much damage as possible in order to damage the

applicant competitors to Elon Musk, John Doerr and Ford Motor Company.

 John Doerr and Elon Musk have a contractual, asset, financial, marketing and political,

documented relationship with Google and In-Q-Tel. Those two entities provided media

and digital attack services for Doerr, Musk and White House staff, against competing


 Based on the above facts, it appears that Elon Musk and John Doerr conspired with White

House staff to rig federal funding and sabotage competitors.

 What is the proof?:

 OMP records, FBI records, leaks, emails, surveillance, witness statements, State Department

documents, Linked-in Archives, public news publications, CBS News, ProPublica, Multiple

past employees, Department of Energy Records, Jofi Joseph, Senate Committees, SEC

records, Applicant files, GAO, U.S. Treasury, XKEYSCORE, NCIS DB,


 Those deciding which applicants would “get through” almost all worked for bosses who

owned, or themselves owned, stock in the technologies which competed with the

applicants. They awarded taxpayer cash to the very competing technology companies

that; #1>) they owned interest in, and #2.) competed with the applicants and #3.); had

financed their friends political campaigns. Additionally, they sabotaged the monetization

opportunities for the patents owned by the applicants who were not on “the insiders list”.

In order to maintain their political careers and interests, each of the deciding

administrators, at The White House and Department of Energy, directed all decisions to be

favored towards a handful of campaign investors assets, and against all of their


 What is the proof?:

 OMP records, FBI records, leaks, emails, surveillance, witness statements, State Department

documents, Linked-in Archives, public news publications, CBS News, ProPublica, Multiple

past employees, Department of Energy Records, NYSE, Senate Committees, SEC records,

Applicant files, GAO, U.S. Treasury, XKEYSCORE, NCIS DB, Family trust stock records


 Tesla Motors never “paid it’s government money back”. This was a PR message that Tesla

and Department of Energy staff released in order to attempt to circumvent investigations

of the Tesla kick-backs. The appearance of a loan payback was created by “cooking the

books” and three-card-Monty financial slight- -of-hand. In fact, to date, Tesla Motors, and

Elon Musk, have taken over TEN BILLIONS DOLLARS from U.S. taxpayers. Tesla, which was

broke, when they got the first DOE Loan, used additional bookkeeping slight of hand by

working with Steven Rattner, In the White House, to get a stock transaction from Detroit.

That stock was then booked as an asset in order to pump Tesla’s books, so that DOE could

handhold Musk into the appearance of making it over the checklist line for Section 136

DOE law requirements. In fact, Tesla had the worst debt-ratio of any applicant and was

going bankrupt according to the recorded statements of Elon Musk and senior Tesla staff.

This makes it a felony violation of Section 136 law for Tesla to have been funded. This is

one of hundreds of proofs that the government money to Musk was a kick-back.

 What is the proof?:

 OMP records, FBI records, leaks, emails, surveillance, witness statements, State Department

documents, Linked-in Archives, public news publications, CBS News, ProPublica, Multiple

past employees, Department of Energy Records, NYSE, Senate Committees, SEC records,

Applicant files, GAO, U.S. Treasury, XKEYSCORE, NCIS DB, Family trust stock records,

Sunshine Foundation, Published news reports, FOIA,


 While the DOE and White House staff argument that “these things were just an

unfortunate set of awkward coincidences” may, at first, cause one pause, the reality is

that the laws of averages; thousands of other parties who have suffered the same attacks

and now filed lawsuits; some of the largest numbers of published scandal news

documentation; massive numbers of agency evidence from internal investigations; and

other compelling evidence, proves that this was a malicious organized crime effort by

state and federal employees to steal taxpayer money for their own bank accounts.

 What is the proof?:

 The laws of averages; thousands of other parties who have suffered the same attacks and

now filed lawsuits; some of the largest numbers of published scandal news documentation;

massive numbers of agency evidence from internal investigations; and other compelling

evidence, proves that this was a malicious organized crime effort by state and federal

employees to steal taxpayer money for their own bank accounts. Plaintiffs have been

provided with all of the evidence discussed herein by state and federal investigators; award

winning news journalists; ex-employees of the attackers; network news broadcasts;

university research departments; FOIA publishing’s; U.S. Senators and their staff; U.S.

Congress members; special investigators; Congressional reports; criminal investigation

interviews and numerous other sources. The evidence appears to be compelling. If those

parties were mistaken, though, Plaintiffs would be delighted to review any data from people

like Elon Musk, John Doerr, Steve Westley, Rahm Emanuel, Robert Gibbs, or any of the other

suspected attackers, which clarifies the facts. After five years of requesting such invalidation

data, not a single counter-confirming evidence item has been submitted by the attackers.


Plaintiffs are simply seeking to get their money for the damages caused to them, by these officials.

There is no other goal except justice for the Plaintiffs who were attacked by their own “public


There are over 200 additional misdeeds and proof overviews… stay tuned.

Records, evidence and material provide by, and shared with: Law enforcement agencies, news

bureaus, news aggregation sites, consumer rights organizations, taxpayer organizations, Grand Jury

offices, subscribed voters and related entities.

Additional Details:







Security Note: To protect Plaintiffs, All of the data exists in globally published, disguised, encrypted

“Drawstring” torrents which can be released on a moment’s notice by multiple parties. Any

published news journalist can add additional material at any time.




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