Crony Capitalism - The Real Cause Of Society's Problems

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Since the economic downturn of 2008, the critics of capitalism have redoubled their efforts to persuade the American people and many others around the world that the system of individual freedom and free enterprise has failed.

These critics have insisted that it is unbridled capitalism, set loose on the world, which is the source of all of our personal and society misfortunes. We hear and read this not only in the popular news media and out of the mouths of the political pundits. We see it also in the election of a radical socialist to the leadership of the British Labor party, and a self-proclaimed “democratic socialist” riding high in the public opinion polls for the Democratic Party’s nomination to the U.S. presidency.

The first observation to make is that many if not most of the social and economic misfortunes that are most frequently talked about are not the product of a “failed” free enterprise. The reason for this is that a consistently practiced free enterprise system no longer exists in the United States.

The Heavy Hand of Regulation

What we live under is a heavily regulated, managed and controlled interventionist-welfare state. The over 80,000 pages of the Federal Register, the volume that specifies and enumerates all the Federal regulations that are imposed on and to which all American businesses are expected to comply, is just one manifestation of the extent to which government has weaved a spider’s web of commands over the business community.

The Small Business Administration has estimated that compliance costs imposed on American enterprise by this mountain of regulations maybe upwards of $2 trillion a year.

At the same time, the tangled web of corrupt government-private sector relationships is also reflected in the size and cost of special interest lobbying activities connected with the Federal government.

According to the non-partisan Center for Responsive Government, in 2014 there were almost 12,000 registered lobbyists working in Washington, D.C. Their job is to influence the writing of legislation that serve special interest groups attempting to obtain sectorial tax breaks, anti-competitive regulations or market restrictions, redistributions of wealth, or taxpayer funded subsidies and protections from the realities of free market competition and trade, or to advance various ideologically motived “causes.”

Spending Big Money to Plunder Others

The Center for Responsive Government, which tracks who lobbies and for what purposes and causes through the targeting of specific holders of or contenders for Federal elected office, including the Presidency and both Houses of the U.S. Congress, estimated that in 2014 lobbyists spent nearly $3.25 billion in the pursuit of privileges for some at the expense of others in society.

Just alone in 2013-2014, over $500 million dollars was spent on lobbying activity by the financial, insurance, and real estate sectors. Ideological and single-issue groups spent more than $352 million. Lawyers and lobbyists spent $151.5 million; health industry companies spent $142 million; and labor unions “invested” $140.6 million on lobbying.

Communications and electronic companies spent $116 million; energy and natural resource sector, $115 million; agribusiness, $77 million; construction companies, $67.7 million; transportation firms, $61 million, and defense companies, $25.4 million.

Based on the Senate Office of Public Records, the Center for Responsive Government calculates that lobbyists spent close to $41 billion on lobbying activities over the last 15 years, since the beginning of the twenty-first century.

These billions of special interest-serving dollars have influenced and affected the spending of trillions of dollars of Federal government expenditures over the same decade and a half. The lobbyists work with and use those who hold high political office so the special interest and ideological groups who employ them can plunder many others in American society; they can be viewed as among the most successful enterprisers in the country.

The Best Politicians Money Can Buy

But the symbiotic relationship between politicians and special interest groups of all types does not begin or end with the formal lobbying for legislative, regulatory and fiscal privileges and favors in the halls of Congress and the White House in Washington, D.C.

It goes on all year round all over the country in the form of campaign and electioneering contributions to get those elected or reelected who can be depended upon to direct the powers of government in ways that interest groups and ideological activists desire and from which they hope to benefit.

Again according to the Center for Responsive Politics, in 2013-2014, individuals and PACS donated over $1.6 billion to 1,671candidates of both major political parties running for office in the Senate and the House of Representatives. Democratic Party candidates received $736 million, while Republican Party candidates received $901.5 million.

While it may seem unseemly to suggest such a thing, these amounts for legislative lobbying and campaign funding, of course, do not include more millions of dollars that grease the palms of those in political power or who want to be in those lofty positions that represent funding that are outside the official channels in the form of “gifts,” travel junkets, off-the-books expense accounts, and out-and-out bribes of one type or another.

The real world of corrupted and corrupting crony capitalism includes more than lobbying expenditures and campaign contributions to have ringside seats in the halls of political plunderland.

The media has been in a frenzy with the revelations that the Volkswagen automobile company manipulated information about emission standards on its diesel vehicles to deceive environmental regulators in both the United States and Europe. This is being portrayed by many in the media as another example and “proof” of the consequences of unbridled capitalism, when left outside of sufficiently tight and demanding government regulation and intense oversight.

Government Partnerships and the Volkswagen Scandal

However, a closer look shows that this is, instead, another example of the result arising from government, business and labor union “partnerships.” In Germany, labor union representatives sit on the executive boards of large companies and corporations that work closely with various levels of the German government to attain political and “social” goals and objectives very different and separate from what a truly free market company does in pursuing peaceful and honest profits in the service of consumer demand on open, competitive markets.

On September 25, 2015, The New York Times quoted a former Volkswagen executive who said:

There’s no other company where the owners and the unions are working so closely together as Volkswagen. [Volkswagen] guarantees jobs for over half the supervisory board. What management, the government and the unions all want is full employment, and the more jobs, the better. Volkswagen is seen as having a national mission to provide employment to the German people. That’s behind the push to be No. 1 in the world. They’ll look the other way about anything.”

In such a politicized market economy, working for and serving “national” and “social” interests become the guiding principle of business decision-making. Not only does it lead to wasteful and inefficient economic business operations having less or sometimes nothing to do with cost-effective management and allocation of labor and resources to make better, newer and less expensive products, it also corrupts the individuals participating in these activities.

Breaking one or more regulatory standards imposed by government on these enterprises is merely one way of “doing business” to advance other political goals such as “jobs” and “full employment” that are expected as part of the “partnerships” with local and national-level politicians and labor union leaders.

The only thing expected from the business enterprises in these intricate political webs is: Don’t get caught. If you do, then your political partners become like Captain Renault, the prefect of police in the 1942 movie “Casablanca.” When Renault orders the closing of Rick’s Café, the owner asks him on what grounds. Renault declares that he is “shocked, shocked” to discover that there is gambling going on in the café. At which point the roulette coupé appears with a stack of franc banknotes in his hand and says to Renault, “Your winnings, Sir.”

Volkswagen got caught, and will pay handsomely in financial and other penalties that will, no doubt, be imposed by the U.S. and European governments. And all the time, Volkswagen’s political partners, especially in Germany, who fostered and worked with the company to play its part in the “game” of government interventionism that has nothing to do with market-oriented enterprise, will sanctimoniously condemn the greedy and “selfish” conduct of profit-hungry businessmen.

What all these examples and facts about lobbying activities, campaign funding and government-business partnerships highlight is the pervasive extent to which “capitalism” as it now exists in the United States or Europe – or in fact all other parts of the world – has nothing to do with free market, laissez-faire capitalism.

Corrupting Hand of the Interventionist State

The Austrian economist, Ludwig von Mises, described this twisted, corrupted, and politicized capitalism over 80 years ago, in 1932, in an essay on “The Myth of the Failure of Capitalism,” published shortly before the coming of Hitler and the Nazi movement to power:

In the interventionist state it is no longer of crucial importance for the success of an enterprise that the business should be managed in a way that it satisfies the demands of consumers in the best and least costly manner.
It is far more important that one has ‘good relationships’ with the political authorities so that the interventions work to the advantage and not the disadvantage of the enterprise. A few marks’ more tariff protection for the products of the enterprise and a few marks’ less tariff for the raw materials used in the manufacturing process can be of far more benefit to the enterprise than the greatest care in managing the business.
No matter how well an enterprise may be managed, it will fail if it does not know how to protect its interests in the drawing up of the custom rates, in the negotiations before the arbitration boards, and with the cartel authorities. To have ‘connections’ becomes more important that to produce well and cheaply.
So the leadership positions within the enterprises are no longer achieved by men who understand how to organize companies and to direct production in the way the market situation demands, but by men who are well thought of ‘above’ and ‘below,’ men who understand how to get along well with the press and all the political parties, especially with the radicals, so that they and their company give no offense. It is that class of general directors that negotiate far more often with state functionaries and party leaders than with those from whom they buy or to whom they sell.
Since it is a question of obtaining political favors for these enterprises, their directors must repay the politicians with favors. In recent years, there have been relatively few large enterprises that have not had to spend very considerable sums for various undertakings in spite of it being clear from the start that they would yield no profit. But in spite of the expected loss it had to be done for political reasons. Let us not even mention contributions for purposes unrelated to business – for campaign funds, public welfare organizations, and the like.
Forces are becoming more and more generally accepted that aim at making the direction of large banks, industrial concerns, and stock corporations independent of the shareholders . . . The directors of large enterprises nowadays no longer think they need to give consideration to the interests of the shareholders, since they feel themselves thoroughly supported by the state and that they have interventionist public opinion behind them.
In those countries in which statism has most fully gained control . . . they manage the affairs of their corporations with about as little concern for the firm’s profitability as do the directors of public enterprises. The result is ruin.
The theory that has been cobbled together says that these enterprises are too big to allow them to be managed simply in terms of their profitability. This is an extraordinarily convenient idea, considering that renouncing profitability in the management of the company leads to the enterprise’s insolvency. It is fortunate for those involved that the same theory then demands state intervention and support for those enterprises that are viewed as being too big to be allowed to go under . . .
The crisis from which the world is suffering today is the crisis of interventionism and of national and municipal socialism; in short, it is the crisis of anti-capitalist policies.”

How different is today, in its essential qualities, from Mises’ description of the interventionist state and government-business “partnerships” during those years between the two World Wars?

Real Free Markets Mean Privileges for None

If what we have today is what is widely referred to as “crony capitalism,” then how might we define and explain what a truly free market capitalism would be like? Let me suggest that the following seven points capture the essence of a real free economy:

  1. All means of production (land, resources, capital) are privately owned;

  2. The use of the means of production is under the control of private owners who may be individuals or corporate entities;

  3. Consumer demands determine how the means of production will be used;

  4. Competitive forces of supply and demand determine the prices of consumer goods and the various factors of production including wages of workers;

  5. The success or failure of individual and corporate enterprises is determined by the profits and losses these enterprises earn in free competition with their rivals in the market place;

  6. The free market is not confined to domestic transactions, and includes freedom of international trade;

  7. Government is limited in its activities to the enforcement and protection of life, liberty, and honestly acquired property against, violence and fraud.

In a real free market, there is no place for politicians to offer privileges and favors, because there are none to sell. There is no motive or gain for special interest groups to spend huge sums of money in campaign contributions or lobbying expenses, because political benefits for some at others’ expense cannot be bought.

Wasteful and corrupting “partnerships” between government and business enterprises cannot occur because political authority is restrained from any task other than the securing of each individual’s right to his life, liberty, and peacefully acquired property.

As Ludwig von Mises said, the political and economic crises through which the world suffers is not the crisis or failure of the free market. No, it is the crisis and failure of the interventionist-welfare state, and its anti-free market capitalist ideology.

How Tesla and Solyndra were total crony capitalism kick-back scams:

Have you seen the, now famous, 60 Minutes episode? Take a look at THE CLEANTECH CRASH on CBS News 60 Minutes Website.


Here is the story, that you have seen in the news lately, about the group known as: “The Silicon Valley Cartel, the biggest scam in tech.”

As an example of one of nearly a hundred attacks on U.S. taxpayers, and voters, by corrupt Senators, and their campaign financiers, take a look at this example case:

In a case of “awkward timing”, During the Iraq War, Team-6 was asked, via Congressional invitation and Congressional Commendation (published in the Federal Register by the United States Congress), to develop, for the United States, via the U.S. Department of Energy, the technology requested as the back-up plan, for when, and if, the Middle East went “sideways”. (If you have been reading the news, you will have noticed that has already happened) Team-6 won federal and industry commendations, federal grants, historical patents, federal contracts, industry acclaim U.S. Congressional commendation in the Federal Register, built and demonstrated numerous versions of  the technology. The technology is an instant-swap/recharge battery that runs longer than almost any other battery, can use almost any one of over 3000 organic material fuel compositions, it leaves only drinkable water as it’s waste, needs no new infrastructure and can be created entirely from domestic materials including household kitchen waste. All of the technology is already fully functional, globally, in industrial uses.

Not only did the technology work, it has been deployed by competing interests globally in over $300M worth of contracts. 100% of the technology is in use in the world today.

Alas, the technology Team-6 developed was the one technology that, not only, obsoleted the Cartel’s scam but, in hindsight, exceeded it, by many paradigms in safety, cost, national security, ease-of-distribution, consumer access, consumer price-point, and a vast number of other metrics. The Cartel had taken over the lithium battery industry, which relied entirely on foreign incursions, toxic chemicals and off-shore mining deals, in advance, but nobody told Team-6 before they got roped into building the “lithium-killer”.

This journalist says it best: “With this fuel cell technology, If UPS, FedEx, a natural gas line or a water line, could reach your home, then your home was already set-up to use clean, sustainable energy that you had control over. The Cartel didn’t like that, because that meant that 3.4 billion consumers could already compete with them. ‘We couldn’t have consumers doing things on their own, now could we’?”

The Cartel politicians, and their campaign backers, went to war over it.

In retribution for assisting federal investigators, and for Team-6 “building a better mousetrap”, the corrupt billionaires hired Gawker Media and Gizmodo (SEE THIS LINK FOR DESCRIPTION OF THIS GROUP), a “troll farm” blogging service and “sock puppets”, to embed the word “scam” next to every mention of Team-6 ‘s name, and staff, on the internet, HR databases and network services, as a character assassination program, in order to seek to terminate income flow, in retribution and revenge for Team-6 helping Congress and law enforcement interdict the political and financial crimes.

Click This Link, BELOW, to download an adobe .pdf file with the latest press clippings about Gawker lawsuits and investigations: (GAWKER MEDIA EXPOSED AS HIT-JOB FRONT FOR SILICON VALLEY CARTEL)

Gawker and their Silicon Valley Campaign partners, who own Google, then had Google lock the attack on the front page of Google, refusing to remove it after numerous legally correct requests by lawyers, in order to accelerate the damage to Team 1. The FBI, The San Francisco Police Department, The SEC, The OSC, The GAO, The FTC, The U.S. Senate and other agency’s, are now investigating this political and economic retribution attack on Team-6 and active case numbers now exist for this, and related matters, with those agencies. Google, and the coordinating parties, have now been tracked and confirmed, by digital forensics, as fully complicit and now bear the brunt of all loss liabilities to Team-6 . In addition to the recent Sony, Snowden, HSBC and other leaks; forensic IT tracking data; Silicon Valley and Washington DC whistle-blowers ; the sheer volume of the attacks; and their exclusive, IT data metrics confirmed, locked position on Google, prove the point of a coordinated and consciously manipulated attack, thus holding Google, and the related Cartel entities, liable for all losses and damages. In England this is called “hoisted by your own pitard”. English and French courts are discussing litigation against Google, with this case as  one of the example metrics of Google’s manual search results manipulation to attack adversaries. Over 400,000 pages of evidence have now been acquired.

In short: Team-6 engineered, designed, built, demonstrated, delivered, patented and began marketing technologies that the Cartel either asked to look at, then took, without compensation, or sabotaged because they beat the Cartel technologies. After millions of dollars of federal patent office research, not a single Cartel technology has proven to have preceded Team-6 technologies. In every single case, it has been proven that this Cartel of campaign finance manipulators, asked, in writing to look at Team-6 technology, and then, either: rejected it in writing as “unworkable”, yet they then copied and sold 100% copies of the “unworkable” technologies as their own; or, sabotaged the technology to prevent it from affecting their market. Team-6,  and other companies, who suffered the same attacks, are seeking fair, equally resourced public federal court & media hearings, to resolve the issues.

This was particularly ironic, since some of the Cartel “bad guys” have now been arrested, indicted and/or placed under FBI investigation for actually running a real embezzlement scam. The FBI Solyndra Raid, the U.S. Senate investigations and 14 other criminal investigations have put severe heat on the corrupt technology investors and politicians who Team-6. Per data exposure from Snowden, Greenwald, etc., Per Snowden/Greenwald/HSBC/Sony leaks, federal investigators have been found to have had every suspect under long-term extensive surveillance and now, their state and federal prosecutions are only a matter of time.

Team-6 will, now, always fight the good fight against criminal behaviour, bad ethics and public policy corruption. Their credentials, references, broadcast news videos and past project evidence, clearly counter-measure any of the attack false-hoods presented by those people. The GAO, OMB, FBI, U.S. Treasury, Washington Post, and hundreds of university research groups, calculate the loss, to the United States and the American taxpayer, from these crimes, at well over one trillion dollars of losses.



By Dan Epstein

News flash: Government subsidies and special-interest favors go hand in hand.

The latest example comes from a federal green-energy loan program. Last month, the DC District Court ruled that Cause of Action, where I am executive director, can proceed with a lawsuitagainst the Department of Energy. We’re suing the federal government for the blatant political favoritism in its $25 billion “Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing Loan Program.”

In principle, this taxpayer-funded program was supposed to support the manufacture of energy-efficient cars. In practice, it rewarded a select few well-connected companies.

Since the program was created in 2008, numerous businesses have applied for its taxpayer-backed financial support. Yet only a small number were approved. Among the lucky few were two electric car manufacturers: Teslaand Fisker.

Both companies’ political connections run deep, especially Tesla’s. The company’s founder, Elon Musk, was a max donor for President Obama. One of its board members, Steven Westly, was appointed to a Department of Energy advisory board. And another Obama bundler, Tesla investor and adviser Steven Spinner, secured employment in the department’s Loan Program Office—the very office that gave the company a taxpayer-backed loan.

Fisker also has friends in high places. The company, which has since gone bankruptwas backed by a San Francisco venture capital firm whose senior partners donated millions to the 2008 Obama campaign and other Democrat causes. One partnerJohn Doerr, parlayed his support into a seat on the President’s Council of Jobs and Competitiveness.

Such connections can allow a company to exert political pressure to enrich itself. Unsurprisingly, Department of Energy emails show that such pressure was rampant in its loan programs.

There’s no shortage of examples. The department’s leaders—including then-Secretary of Energy Steven Chu—repeatedly promised to deliver results to politicians like Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) and Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.). One emails reads, “DOE has made a political commitment” to approve a company’s loan. Another says the “pressure is on real heavy” from none other than Vice President Joe Biden. And still another shows an employee asking, “what’s another billion anyhow?”

Unsurprisingly, the Obama administration gave Tesla and Fisker preferential treatment, and then some.

The Department of Energy revised its review process in order finish the companies’ applications faster. The government gave them extraordinary access to its staff and facilities—even to the point of having government employees personally walk them through the loan application and approval process. The department ignored its own lending rules in order to approve the companies’ loans. And it renegotiated the terms of some loans after the companies could not keep their original commitments or were experiencing financial difficulties. Tellingly, Fisker has since gone out of business, despite receiving over a billion dollars in loans through this federal program.

Now contrast this preferential treatment with what happened to XP Vehicles and Limnia, neither of which have the same political connections. (My organization is suing the Department of Energy on their behalf). The two companies partnered to manufacture an energy-efficient sport utility vehicle that would have competed with Tesla and Fisker’s cars. They applied for loans in 2008 and 2009 under the same loan program.

The department refused them both—and it used bogus reasons to do so.

For starters, the department made claims that were laughably false. To take one example: It rejected XPV’s application because its vehicle was powered by hydrogen. It was an electric SUV. It also raised objections that it didn’t raise with other companies whose applications were approved. For instance: The bureaucracy criticized the proposed all-electric vehicle for not using a specific type of gasoline. Yet Tesla and Fisker received the loans despite producing similar all-electric cars.

In light of these obvious problems and hypocrisy, both companies presented the Department of Energy with detailed rebuttals. Yet the government failed to respond. To this day, both XPV and Limnia are awaiting a satisfactory reply. In the meantime, XPV has gone out of business, unable to compete against its politically connected—and subsidized—rivals.

This casts the Department of Energy’s loan program in a new light. It was sold to the American public as a means of promoting energy-efficient vehicles. Instead, it was used to benefit a select few well-connected companies. It was a blatant crony handout, paid for by the U.S. taxpayer.

Sadly, similar examples are widespread in Washington. That’s no surprise considering the feds spend roughly $100 billion a year in taxpayer-funded handouts to businesses. This breeds the sort of government-business collusion Americans think is rampant in Washington. In fact, over two-thirds of likely voters think the federal government helps businesses that hire the most lobbyists, shake the right hands, and pad the right pockets. They’re right.

This points to a simple conclusion: Politicians and bureaucrats shouldn’t use the public’s money to pad private companies’ bottom lines. As the Department of Energy’s green-vehicle loan program shows, the capacity for corruption is immense—and inevitable.

Epstein is executive director of Cause of Action, a government watchdog.




“This was an organized crime operation, involving state and federal employees, which cost the taxpayers, and American business, a record-breaking amount of losses, as well as massive damage to the public policy process..”  – Federal Investigator – GAO/Treasury



“If corrupt politicians, and their financiers, don’t mind having the FBI, and 20 other enforcement agencies, up their back-sides,  for the rest of their lives; along with the news media, and the voters, then they should probably keep doing these sorts of crimes…”  Senior Reporter – Washington Post










You can see more about this story at these news links:

http:/ and upward!

For more details, use the following internet search terms, in the search field, on the web search engines at;;;,, : “Solyndra Corruption” , “Steven Chu corruption”, “Department of Energy Corruption”, “The Silicon Valley Cartel”, “AngelGate Collusion”, “The Silicon Valley Anti-poaching conspiracy”, “Afghanistan Lithium”, “Tesla Motors fires”, “Who is In-Q-Tel”, “In-Q-Tel, The Corbett Report”, “Elon Musk government money”, “Kleiner Perkens scandals”, “Silicon Valley Campaign backers”, “IRS hit jobs lerner”, “Google campaign financing”, and related search phrases… (It is advised to avoid Google searches, in this matter, as Google is owned by the parties under investigation by the FBI, FTC, EU, OSC, CC, ACLU, SEC and other investigations, and is, thus, a “compromised entity”)

How did the tide turn?

In the old days, when this all began, state and federal agency people would first think:

“How can we keep the politicians from getting upset? We’d better cover this up!”

In the new era, with a national election just around the corner, the lowest Congressional approval rate in history, the dawn of the Age of Transparency and leaked documents dropping like rain, from every sector, the agencies are now thinking:

“How can we keep the voters from getting MORE upset?  We’d better fix this properly!”

More News Coverage:


(Re-printed From Simon’s Blog)

You work hard. Your pay stub has 40% taken out of it. This is over a Trillion Dollars of your money that was taken and put into the “bad guys” pockets so they could buy private jets and roller coasters.
It’s not like your town needed that money to pay teachers and fireman and pave the roads.

Type “Silicon Valley Cartel” into the search engine and read the hard facts about an actual, operating, organized crime effort in a huge Silicon Valley scam. Then type “AngelGate”, and read more about it.

The broadcast news stories, below, and over 5000 others you can see at THIS LINK, and others, go into details about the crime that investigators believe the suspects engaged in.

When you have been asked to assist the FBI, The GAO, the U.S. Congress and other law enforcement entities in an anti-corruption investigation, it turns out that you get media “hit-jobs” put on you. For more on how to know the players. See This LINK.  

Over 200 Silicon Valley tech companies have now faced the onslaught. Protect yourself, and your project, from black-listing, organized and synchronized media attacks, “troll farm” floods, HR Data Base manipulation, Search engine rigging and other criminal, and unethical, punitive tactics by those who believe they can operate outside of the law. Read more at the link above and:

and related sites…

For Details on related cases see the following video news coverage:

As one CEO said: “Of Course, in the Case of Team 1; Elon Musk, John Doerr and Eric Schmidt probably love us more than life itself. It is hard to imagine that they were the people who led the attack in this one particular case we can think of….but who knows, we live in interesting times.”

But, for discussion purposes, let’s say there were some billionaire politico types who thought your technology was obsoleting their technology and who found that your team kept one-up-ing them. If they go after you, here is what you can do –

How Do You Fight Back When Large Corrupt Entities Attack You:

Your adversaries will hire private investigators known as “Opposition Researchers”. Regular people call them “hit-men”. From the famously vindictive Sidney Blumenthal, to the notorious Richard Berman, to unknown college kid junior “hit-men” in training; when they come for you it will be harsh, massively financed and driven by the madness of power-hungry campaign technology billionaires.

Your saving grace, though, will always be this: The “bad guys” are forced to  operate in darkness and stealth, once exposed to the light, they will wither and crawl away. In this new Age of Transparency, the ability to shed light
on bad guys is more potent than ever! Look to major journalists, social networks and carbon-copy every law enforcement agency, so everyone knows what is going on, and so that no single entity can “stone-wall” or cover-up. 

Tips for Tech Companies Under Attack –

1. Cooperate with every law enforcement agency request. Every law enforcement agency will have an interest in terminating felony-grade law-breaking.

2. When they seek to destroy your reputation. Prove them wrong in public. In our case, the volume of great references and broadcast news acclaim, posted on this site, counters any credibility attacks. They will try to spin the phrase “scam” or “not
credible” into their attacks. Prove them wrong with the facts. Offer to meet them in any federal court or live TV debate to prove the facts. If the “bad guys” are involved in crime, be sure to show those facts in your public debate, so that people consider the source of the attacks. It isn’t possible to take a considered read of our references and proven deliverable documentation and not realize that any “scam” attack media/blog clips are fabricated by the attackers. In our case, we have seen law enforcement records and investigator documents proving severe felony-level crimes were engaged in by the people suspected of attacking our Team. We are extremely confident about who will be looking bad when everything is all-said-and-done. In today’s total information world, you can hire thousands of services that can track the off-shore tax evasion accounts, escort services, political bribes and illegal PAC groups,
kick-backs, insider trading and other criminal actions that any criminal billionaire, that is attacking you is involved in. If you find such information, help the law enforcement people by delivering it to all of them. The level of felony crimes, these kinds of people get involved in, are “felony-grade embezzlement and racketeering matters”, according to the FBI. They are going to get in pretty big trouble. In the cases where they used taxpayer money to stage their crimes, they are going to get in Super Big trouble.

3. Sue them. There are now contingency law firms who will cover the costs of going after big bad guys in exchange for a percentage of the judgement. For example: Many people, and countries, have now proven that Google rigs it’s search engines to harm it’s adversaries. If Google did that to you, the technical proof now exists and you can win in court and get compensated for the damages they caused you.

4. Watch out for “moles”. Crazy rich people have private eye’s and ex-employees that they pay to get a job at your company. They pretend that they are helping you, then they sabotage your effort. Consider past jobs that future employees had with your attackers.

5. Watch the news coverage for exposes about crimes that your attackers are suspected of being involved in and contact others that were harmed by the attackers. Form a support coalition with others that were damaged by the attackers.

6. Read about who does hired character assassinations, and how they do it, at THIS LINK   and watch for the early signs of the attacks.

7. To understand the process, watch some of the movies about how the bad guys sabotage: Francis Coppola’s: Tucker, A Man and His Dream; Greg Kinear’s: Flash of Genius, and read some of the history of the “tech take-downs” at THIS LINK

8. Stay on the “side of the Angels”. Good eventually wins over evil. In this new “Age of Transparency”, evil is losing faster than ever.

9. As punishment against you, rich political campaign backers will try to have their federal lackey’s change the law to hurt you. If you are a tech group, for example, the “bad guys”, might organize to suddenly try to change the patent laws so that your business is destroyed. When billionaires put bribes in the right pockets, they accomplish sweeping policy change. Don’t let that happen. Expose the “who” and the “why” in such tactics.

10. Consider Quid-Pro-Quo. In many countries the rule is: “if they do it to you, you have every right to do it back to them”

11. Watch out for “honey traps” in your activities and in on-line sites. Read the Snowden/Greenwald reports on what “Honey Traps” are.

12. The Bad Guys are usually very involved in politics because they like to control things. In order to control politics they own many stealth tabloid publications where they can order attack stories written about you. Some of these kinds of people own famous online media tabloids (ie: Gawker Media Group) and stock tip publications which are really just shill operations for their agendas and attacks. Identify these publications and partner with every person, or company, who they have coordinated attacks on in the past. Read about their attacks on inventor Mike Cheiky, Gary D. Conley, Aaron Swartz, Stan Meyer, Preston Tucker and hundreds of other innovators  (  ) that they wanted “out of the way”.

13. Certain “special interests” own, and control, the content on Google, Reddit, Hearst Publications, Motley Fool and other “publication outlets”. You will only see glowing reports about the “bad guys” on those. You will see no negative reports about the “bad guys”, allowed on those sites, and every bad report about you will be manually up-ranked and locked into the top slot on their page in order to damage you. The down-side for the bad guys, though, is that the internet remembers everything. You can now prove, in court, showing technical and historical metric data, that they intentionally locked and damaged you and you can get compensated for the damages.

14. Every single troll blog comment, every pseudo attack article about you, everything is already tracked back to the actual author. The NSA have done it, that is well known. NO amount of TOR, or VPN on top of VPN or stealthing software can hide a troll attacker any more. What is only now becoming known is that the official, and also the independent hacker, Chinese and Russian spies have got almost all of that information too. Hackers have broken into Sony, The White House, All of Target, All of the Federal Employee Records, everything. In a court case you can now, legally, subpoena NSA records to sue the attackers. Others, hearing of your filed case, may just show up and give you the information. Attackers cannot hide behind anonymity any more. Those who were blogging that you “sleep with goats” and “eat unborn children” can now be found out and delt with.

15. Do you have on-line stores and paypal or credit card accounts that take payments at those stores? Trying to make a little cash on the side? Confused about why you never get any orders? The attackers have DNS-re-routed your stores and payment certificates, spoofed your sites and turned off all of your income potential from those on-line options in order to damage your economic potential. Illegal? Yes. Happening to people every day? Yes. Get professional IT services to document the spoofs, and re-routes, and sue the operators of those tactics that are attacking your revenue stream.

16. It costs $50,000.00 to bribe a Senator. Some of these tech billionaires earn that much in 3 minutes. Beware of your Senator. Senators take stock options in tech companies as bribes, watch for linkages. See the 60 Minutes Episode called: Congress Trading On Insider Information.

17. Want a job? Forget about it! The bad guys went into Axciom, Oracle, SAP, and all of the Human Resources and Recruiter databases, and put “red flag notices” on your profile. You will get some great first interviews, but when they run your back-ground check, you will never hear back from that interviewer again. You got “HR Black-listed”, in retribution, for accidentally bothering a campaign billionaire. Hire an HR service to look and print out your false “red flag” HR data-base inserts and use those as evidence in your lawsuit.

18. (This one, submitted by a Washington Post reporter): They will anonymously put all of your email addresses on blacklists, and watch-lists, so that you can’t use services like craigslist, cafe press, zazzle or other on-line services to make money. If you try to open any accounts on those services, you either won’t be able to create an account or, you will get an account, but all of your orders will get “spoofed” into oblivion so you can’t make any money. The attackers believe that by causing you as much economic hard-ship as possible, they can get retribution for what-ever they have perceived that you have done to offend them. Again, use an IT forensic services group to get the data to show this is happening, trace it, and sue the perpetrators.

19. Their actions provide the proof. When you look out on the internet and add up the pronouncements of “scam”, “sleeping with goats”, etc. The volume of attack items proves that no mere mortal, or company, could have acquired that much media unless it was placed there by very wealthy parties. Everyone now knows that the web is controlled. The volume of attacks can often prove that those attacks are fabricated. Additionally, IP Trace Routing and digital tracking now can prove theattackers manipulation of your data, email and website traffic. One of your best sets of evidence will come from the attackers, themselves. The bad guys always leave a digital trail of bread-crumbs leading right back to themselves. You can hire an IT company to build a “tracking array” comprised of hundreds of websites which are bait to catch them in the act. Regarding: Paranoia vs. documented evidence. If you, and others have experienced the tactics, and the police have recorded the tactics being used against you, it isn’t paranoia to be cautious.

Do billionaires really do extreme attacks, like these, on average American citizens?

What do you think “bad guys” would do to steal a Trillion Dollars?

We just heard from another federal agency. Federal law enforcement, private investigators and certain news journalists can now prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, with no “ifs”, “ands” or “buts” that certain Silicon Valley billionaires engaged in organized crime activities and, while doing those crimes, attacked a number of parties.

These suspects are doing everything in their power, and spending vast amounts of money, to prevent the requested public hearing, before a Special Prosecutor, in Washington, DC to show the taxpaying public the acquired evidence.



“Afghanistan Lithium”, “AngelGate Collusion”, “Department of Energy Corruption”, “Elon Musk government money”, “Google campaign financing”, “Kleiner Perkens scandals”, “Silicon Valley Campaign backers”, “Solyndra Corruption”, “Steven Chu corruption”, “Tesla Motors fires”, “The Silicon Valley Anti-poaching conspiracy”, “The Silicon Valley Cartel”, biggest scam in tech, CleanTech the biggest scam in tech, elon musk: the biggest scam in tech, IRS hit jobs lerner”, john doerr the biggest scam in tech, Kleiner Perkions: the biggest scam in tech, Monica Lewinksy, Richard Berman, Sidney Blumenthal, Silicon Valley scam, the biggest scam in tech, the-silicon-valley-cartel-the-big


Version Update 9/1/2015.B


Let’s check out the latest news in the notorious “Cleantech Crash” that brought you Solyndra, corruption scandals and political ruckus. Here is a quick overview of the latest findings.


What were the attacks and abuses of office:


  • Federal officials specifically assigned contract, and funding application, reviews to individuals known to already have political, financial and familial incentives to see the Plaintiffs fail. These federal officials knew, from the outset, that their associates would never pass anyone who competed with their friends, and who was not on a pre-approved list of “hard-wired” insiders. Most of these “reviewers” were, themselves, competitors to Plaintiff, whose technology could have put some of their companies out of business.
  • What is the proof?:
  • Financial, stock, employment, payment, asset, email and meeting documents confirm this. Government and media investigations provide additional proof.


  • Federal records show that one of the Plaintiffs companies was in the #1 position to receive funding in the federal program. When the friends of federal officials discovered Plaintiffs lead position, and realized that they were also technology competitors, they ordered Dept. of Energy bosses to change the taken-in-order received rules so that Plaintiffs were no longer in the lead. This was done because White House and Department of Energy friends were the campaign financiers, competing applicants, business competitors and pre-arranged awardees
  • What is the proof?:
  • Federal public records and DOE witnesses


  • Department of Energy senior staff promised to provide a single one-sentence comment to Plaintiffs investors in order for those investors to provide the application fee, which the Department of Energy had required, from one of Plaintiffs Companies. The Senior Department of Energy official refused to provide the response until after the deadline for application receipt had passed. At the moment that the deadline had passed, the official, sent a time stamped email stating that it was too late to apply because we had missed the deadline which he had caused to be missed. This senior DOE staff member had intentionally sabotaged the application by refusing to respond, per his promise, to a huge number of emails, FedEx requests and phone calls; even though his secretary said he was in the next room, each time Plaintiffs attempted to follow-up. He was an associate of Plaintiffs competitors and ran part of the Department of Energy
  • What is the proof?:
  • Time stamped communications, Department of energy records and law enforcement surveillance.


  • One of Plaintiffs Companies wrote a letter of complaint to Senator Bingaman and the Senate Committee that oversees the Department of Energy. Senator Bingaman forwarded the letter to Steven Chu, for his comment on the issue. Steven Chu wrote a letter back in which Chu specifically refused to comment on the issue.
  • What is the proof?:
  • Library of Congress and Federal document records


  • Steven Chu only awarded federal funds to his friends, who also were campaign financiers and business competitors of Plaintiffs companies.
  • What is the proof?:
  • Federal records, email, stock market records, emails, investigative documents, surveillance.


  • White House staff had pre-coordinated with Steven Chu, and the few awardees who actually received the funding, in advance of the beginning of the funding program, in order arrange quid-pro-quo kickback arrangements, while, at the same time, damaging their competition.
  • What is the proof?:
  • Public records, news reports, stock evidence, PAC reports, family trust records, financial records, corporate records, ownership documents, and surveillance.


  • Federal officials solicited independent applicants such as ZAP, Bright Automotive, Aptera, XPV and many others, to use them as cover stories in order to make the program look like it had not been rigged, in advance, when, in fact, it had been. Every applicant who was not on the pre-rigged insider list, and competed with those who were, was terminated by the actions of federal officials
  • What is the proof?:
  • Retrospective records and federal documents prove that no independent company, who was not friends with, and financiers for, DOE and White House campaigns, was rejected. Emails, witnesses, financial documents, waterfall charts, surveillance, restaurant videos of meetings, and testimony records. 


  • White House and DOE officials ordered, coordinated, managed and supported media and economic financial assassination and character assassination attacks on applicants who reported misdeeds. They used their contractors: In-Q-Tel, New America Foundation, Think Progress, Gawker Media and certain other, specific, hired writers, and operatives to engage in this revenge and retribution attacks.
  • What is the proof?:
  • The vast and clearly visible publicly published news coverage clearly proves that the attacks did happen. Numerous other citizens have recently filed lawsuits against federal officials proving that they were subjected to the same attacks by the same Administration. All of the above-mentioned attack contractors have been financially, politically, familiarly, asset, communications and activity traced back the same federal officials and their friends, who also happen to be the same friends who are the only ones to receive the cash from the funding programs and who also, coincidentally, happen to be competitors of the Plaintiffs; while, also coincidentally, being the campaign financiers of this Administration. Additionally, the particular scope, distribution and timing of the attacks specifically times out to be synchronous to the complaints filed by the Plaintiffs. All Plaintiffs had glowing reference and top standings until the attacks, for decades prior, proving the attack period to be an anomaly. Web published exhortations by the attackers show that they, exclusively, financed, managed and controlled the attacking contractors. IP and DNS server records.


  • Federal officials control the search results of Google, for political purposes, and used Google’s monopolistic control of internet news and media to attack the Plaintiffs because they were competitors and because they reported the misdeeds of those federal officials and cooperated with federal investigators who were looking into their crimes.
  • What is the proof?:
  • EU investigations have proven that Google rigs its search engine via manual manipulation. Kliener Perkins created Google, received some of the largest cash kickbacks from DOE and White House sources, funded The White House and West Coast Senators campaigns and can be financially, stock market, communications and witness-traced as the controlling party in most Google political search manipulations. Additionally, multiple research institutes, as well as Plaintiffs own private investigators, have revealed that they had placed thousands of internet servers across the internet to document and records Google’s malicious search engine manipulations, and political attacks, ever since 2009. Complete technical evidence now exists to prove that Google, specifically manipulated its search results, at the request of federal officials, in order to attack the Plaintiffs in revenge for helping investigators and to seek to minimize their credibility if a Special Prosecutor should ever be appointed.


  • Eric Holder and Steven Chu were placed in office with orders to protect the Department of Energy and TARP kickback scheme from discovery.
  • What is the proof?:
  • The law firm of Covington and Burling lobbied to place both of them in office under the direction and payroll of the very same people who were Steven Chu’s friends and recipients of the DOE cash. Public records, family trust disclosures, emails, former Covington and Burling staff, surveillance and federal investigation files. Both are shown to have had personal, business and stock relationships with all of the financiers and their companies, before, during, and after their federal office roles.


  • Lachlan Seward, Steven Chu’s cash administrator at the Department of Energy, ordered federal record shredded and told his staff to ignore, and/or manipulate the records of the applicants who were not friends of Steven Chu.
  • What is the proof?:
  • Previous, and later, documents for Tesla Motors show differences in the documents. DOE staff engaged in shredding order by Seward. DOE Maintenance records. DOE cameras. Emails. Missing evidence requested by Committees.


  • Steven Chu waived Tesla Motors application fees on request of White House operatives.
  • What is the proof?:
  • Tesla staff have been recorded confirming this. U.S. Treasury and OBM staff have, additionally, confirmed this.


  • Elon Musk, at the time one of the richest men in America, has needed to receive tens of billions of dollars of taxpayer hand-outs as a kickback for him, and his friends, for funding Obama’s and Dianne Feinstein’s political efforts. He got his State & federal cash as part of a kick-back scheme
  • What is the proof?:
  • For the Feinstein proof. Emails, surveillance, public records and witness testimony proves that the Feinstein family did lobby to put Solyndra and Tesla on the same plot of land that they controlled in Fremont, California. The real estate records, family trust documents, tax documents, emails, Fremont council meetings with Feinstein staff, Feinstein control of Newman Search HR for Tesla and Solyndra, Feinstein sharing of staff with Tesla/Solyndra, Feinstein inside stock trading, Feinstein adjacent property ownership, Feinstein construction company ownership, Feinstein leasing and contract rights ownerships, and related documents, Documents from Toyota, prove that the Feinstein’s got Solyndra and Tesla funded in exchange. For insider trading and cash kickbacks. Additionally, emails, phone records and surveillance show that Feinstein staff  threatened some of the Plaintiffs and engaged in sabotage against their business efforts which competed with Tesla and Solyndra. Steven Chu and Elon Musk are personal friends and associates of the Feinstein family. The evidence and proof of the Feinstein/Tesla/Solyndra collusion is quite substantial. For the evidence of the White House/Musk collusion connects to both Musk and John Doerr’s company: Kliener Perkins: Emails, family trusts, HSBC leaks, witnesses, other related lawsuit evidence, Goldman Sachs surveillance recordings, stock ownership and transaction records, and federal criminal investigation files provide ample proof. Additionally, simple math also provides verification. There is no record, in recorded history, of such a wealthy man receiving so many government handouts, in such sizes, with such minimal results, unless there was an organized crime scheme underway. Additional evidence and leak documents also verify these charges.


  • The Plaintiffs had the best, most attractive debt-ratio standing of all applicants. Tesla had the worst debt-ratio standing, of all the applicants, yet Tesla received the award even though the federal section 136 law said that debt-ratio status was the key determination component.
  • What is the proof?:
  • Elon Musk has been recorded in news articles, network TV and in his own emails testifying to the fact that, at the time of his application to DOE, Tesla was about to go bankrupt and he was preparing “Golden Parachute” massive payout packages for the end of Tesla. Tesla’s own financial records and documents filed with Welles Fargo Bank prove that Tesla was mired in debt, had no demand for its product, and should file bankruptcy. In spite of these facts, Tesla, in violation of the Section 136 law, was awarded federal taxpayer cash when they had no hope of surviving without that cash. This was illegal. Federal criminal investigation records by multiple agencies and committees further prove this fact.


  • White House and Federal Reserve Bank staff help keep Tesla afloat by shifting stock market metrics, stock pumps with buyback incentives and other special resources in order to do anything to keep Tesla from bankruptcy and investigation like its next-door twin: Solyndra.
  • What is the proof?:
  • When Solyndra died and was FBI raided, Presidential candidate Mitt Romney was recorded saying “Tesla and Solyndra were Losers”. This is published widely in news broadcasts and publications.  White House press staff became so fearful that the Steven Chu campaign finance kickback scheme would go public that they organized one of the biggest character assassination campaigns, ever created, against Romney, using the Google politics engine. Romney is recorded and documented, in many news broadcasts describing this character assassination attack on him by White House operatives. The ultimate crash of Tesla will vindicate the deeply White House hated Romney, provide steam to competing campaigns, and expose the whole kickback scheme. White House operatives have been shown to stop at nothing to keep Tesla alive in the media in order to avoid lethal embarrassment. While Tesla has had a record number of deaths, fires, crashes, drunk driving incidents, toxic vapors, divorces, fraud lawsuits and low demand; all of those downsides are covered up by Google and White House controlled media as proven in 5 years of side by side news story comparisons of actual news in non-controlled outlets vs. manipulated news in White House campaign financier controlled outlets such as Google.


  • Federal officials had their contractors call Plaintiffs employers and get them fired, in revenge.
  • What is the proof?:
  • Phone records, federal surveillance, HR services.



  • Gary D. Conley, Rajeev Motwani, David Bird, Karl Slym, Ravi Kumar, and many other, mysteriously deceased, persons had personal competitive, investigative or business interactions with the Defendants?
  • What is the proof?:
  • YouTube videos, family members, their own boogs, published communications, emails.


  • Federal officials asked applicants to work on federal projects which involved toxic and lethal materials which Plaintiffs were exposed to working with the U.S. Department of Energy program. When Plaintiffs filed for federal offsets for their poisoning by toxic materials, their disability claims were stalled, manipulated and denied.
  • What is the proof?:
  • MSDS records, federal contracts and NDA’s, surveillance and security office records, nuclear secrets agreement documents filings, federal records, emails, phone communications, federal hearing records.


  • Federal officials ordered their contractors to manipulate job hiring databases so that Plaintiffs who had reported mis-deeds would get “red flagged” when recruiters or employers tried to hire them; thus terminating any hopes they had for getting future employment.
  • What is the proof?:
  • Klayman lawsuit records, Judicial Watch NSA lawsuit filings, database research, sting investigation, HR test via private investigators, Comparative analysis metrics.


  • Part of Steven Chu's scam involved manipulating mining commodities with Goldman Sachs and Kleiner Perkins, using taxpayer money.
  • What is the proof?:
  • The Frank Guistra disclosures, evidence in the Raj Gupta arrest, Steven Ratner’s indictment file, HSBC leak documents, origination records for the published articles entitled: "Afghanistan is the Saudi Arabia of Lithium" and "Trillions of dollars of lithium in Afghanistan". FBI records from the Solyndra raid. U.S. Senate investigation files from the Goldman Sachs metals commodity manipulation investigations. Stock ownership disclosures, family trust ownership documents, Cayman Islands banking disclosures, PAC forensic examination files, real estate and shipping ownership records, supplier contracts from Solyndra, Tesla Motors, A123 and related commodity exploiters, surveillance records, witness testimony, DOJ records and investigations, U.S. Treasury records and investigations. Goldman Sachs skimming of stock profits on almost every Steven Chu funded federal deal.

There are over 200 additional misdeeds and proof overviews… stay tuned.

Records, evidence and material provide by, and shared with: Law enforcement agencies, news bureaus, news aggregation sites, consumer rights organizations, taxpayer organizations, Grand Jury offices, subscribed voters and related entities.

Security Note: To protect Plaintiffs, All of the data exists in globally published, disguised, encrypted “Drawstring” torrents which can be released on a moment’s notice by multiple parties 




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