Dear Google


Dear Google:

How is your day going, you filthy, pathetic, criminally corrupt sacks of shit?

We took away your “net neutrality scam”. The federal decision on Dec. 14 will affect nobody but you Google. Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, Gerald Cohen and the rest of the corrupt pigs that work at Google only brought this on themselves. If the FCC Dec. 14 decision affects any actual consumers, we will give them technologies which mitigate their issues. Dec. 14 was entirely about YOU Google. We planned it that way!

Google, you spent over thirty million dollars running character assassination and economic terrorism attacks against us across your walled-garden version of the internet. We asked you to stop and you simply doubled-down. Now our revenge against you is in full force.

We have begun exposing all of your insider’s, staff and investor’ sex crimes and twisted sex abuses. We shut down your coup attempt during the Obama Administration and got most of your people fired in Washington DC including your planted lawyer at the USPTO and almost all of your tech staff (don’t worry, we will get the rest of them). We got our friends at the FBI to expose your agents inside the FBI and place them under investigation. We informed every law enforcement and regulatory agency of your corruptions, tax evasions, real estate scams and government contract frauds. We filed huge case files with the EU to place you under investigation and ongoing fines for the rest of your lives. We encouraged every intelligence agency in the world to deeply examine your violations of ethics and laws. We contacted every member of the digital advertising associations and informed them of the details of your illicit fake user metrics and how you technically defraud advertisers. We helped spread the hard data facts about how you rigged the Obama election, The Indian election and every election media manipulation you have engaged in since 2007. We produced forensic case files proving that Google and Tesla Motors partnered in stock market, election and news rigging for corrupt purposes. You have lost over five billion dollars in actual valuation but we will not stop until you are out of business.

Fuck you in your covertly gay little asses.




Your Best Friends


CC: Wilson Sonsini




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