Dear Google: Payback is a bitch!


Kent Walker
Senior Legal Counsel
Google, Inc.

1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043


Dear Kent:

After a few years of trying, you do not seem to want to respond to our letters, emails and phone calls.

You maliciously and intentionally used your company to try to kill us.

You posted defamation attacks, about us, across the planet Earth. We asked you nicely, to remove them. You knew they were fictionalized stories about us because you helped create them as a business revenge project. You not only refused to remove them, you doubled down on sending them out.

You, on purpose, destroyed our lives, incomes and brands out of pure vindictive spite because we helped the cops.

Since you refused to be nice. You limited our options.

So we decided to wipe Google off the face of the planet without breaking a single law.

We found out we could do it using a single, entirely legal, tool: The Truth.

You thought you could stonewall until the statute of limitations runs out. Wrong.

We tried to set up a lawsuit against you, but you threatened all of the lawyers who starting looking at the case. You made it so that we had to come up with over $300,000.00 cash in order to sue you. You wanted it to be nearly impossible to sue you because you are very, very afraid. You know that we now have indisputable evidence that proves that you did crimes, corruption, and malicious attacks on the public. You know that we would end up owning your company at the end of the lawsuit. You know that there are quite a few of us that you did this too. You are scared. You should be!

We want you to sue us. You can file the lawsuit against us by serving the summons at:

Fund 26
C/O Parasec, Inc.

750 Lamar St
Los Angeles, CA 90031
34.062351 -118.223976

It would be terrific if you could start the ball rolling by suing us. Then you will be stuck with all of the pricey expenses of setting up the lawsuit and we, then, only have to respond with a counter complaint. We can do that with ease.

In the meantime, we have helped the EU file charges against you and made sure that quite a few countries, put YOU under surveillance and human rights violation monitoring. How’s that feel?

By now you are Russia’s and China’s bitch and the EU is going to rip you a new one.

We could not do what we are doing about you: Google, if you had not committed crimes, corruption and operated an incredibly unethical operation.

Since you believe in retribution so much, it is ironic that your own corruption empowered our retribution.

We have the proof that you get quite a bit of money from federal bank accounts, every month, under the contracts to “look for bad guys” but that you modified your directives, outside of the contracts, to look for, and report ideological adversaries to the DNC. That may be pretty illegal.

We know, and have the proof, that you help Flash Boy the stock market with synchronized media hype designed to pump certain stocks in time with your investors stock market moves. That may also be illegal.

We have been doing everything possible to help the ACLU, and other citizens groups, make certain that every citizen on Earth knows that you are privacy rapists who make part of your money off of abusing the rights of the public.

Speaking of making your money. We know that you make your money from government spy contracts, advertisers, selling consumer data and selling services and hardware.

We are making certain that every advertiser, that uses your owned properties to market with, losses business. We are making certain that they know it is because of you; Google.

We are making certain that the public, law enforcement, and the U.S. Congress knows that you are lying about what you do with the money you get from them.

We know that Eric Schmidt and John Doerr and that little pool of guys, who the media calls: “narcissist whack jobs”, orders the hit-jobs and ideological attacks on citizens, via Google. Have you noticed that all of their stock assets are, now, not in a very comfy state?

We support the ACLU and EU making certain that every customer, consumer and retailer knows that you have put privacy harvesting, public data rape back-doors in all of your products. Even you can’t remove most of them because you hard-wired them. Smooth move. That should really help sales.

Have you noticed how the public has realized that having a account is even more lame, risky, and pathetic than having a email address. The world thinks you suck. Rightfully so.

While we are scraping you off the planet, we really hope you sue us so we can finish the task. In the meantime, watch your empire crumble.

Even though YOU broke the law, moral codes and ethics rules, with impunity, WE are able to do this without breaking a single law, anywhere. We have told U.S. Federal law enforcement agencies that we are doing it. It turns out, some of them are even helping us take you down.

We have worked with a number of people who have run internet computer studies, around the globe, over lengthy periods of time, which prove, beyond doubt, that you rig election and stock market results by manually changing how information is perceived on the internet and by using subliminal advertising. Now that IS illegal.

The biggest joke, in all of this, is that your motto is “Don’t be Evil” but you used it to try to place the evidence in plain sight. You are Evil. You are manipulators. You are a monopoly empowered by corrupt politicians. You use the right to exist as a corporation, allowed by State and Federal law, illegally. You exist to do crime. That is, very illegal.

You hire all of these wide eyed kids to come to your building and get free snacks and write code and work in a surreal Scientology-like environment. You are exploiting them to build evil things that hurt the public. The bosses at the top of Google use what the kids build to do their own, twisted, bidding.

So, Yep. You killed us. Your attack worked just like you planned. You destroyed families, homes, futures, income, reputations…lives. You did the murders and character assassinations that you attempted to do.

Rajeev Motwani, Forrest Hayes, Gary D. Conley, David Bird and others may have had the easy way out in your alleged attacks on them. Thanks for the long slow death, in our cases.

Also, thank you for copying our patents, technologies and companies, verbatim, and making billions of dollars off of them. That really validated the stuff that we invented. When can we expect our checks?

There is much more, all supported by very deep, very extensive research. We know about the federal investigator files about you. We know about the Chinese hacks and we know about what some of your ex-employees are going to whistle-blow. You really have a very limited company existence potential.

Some of us made you do your little break-up and get all ALPHABETical. That’s not going to save you.

The facts about you have spread far enough around the world that you can never, now, Google-rig them away. Over time, everyone will know what you really are. Every second, of every day, around the world, the number of people that know that “Google Sucks” increases geometrically.

We know the exact ways you rigged the last elections. We know how you have started rigging the 2016 election mood and news coverage. “How’s that workin’ out for ya?”

Working with Sunshine Foundation, Investigative reporters and The Law, we know who you bribed to rig public policy and who you Control in the White House. Watch how their careers go from here on out.

Everybody knows that your balloons and drones in Africa are just your attempt to privacy rape those poor Black people. It is no wonder, though, that you are not very nice to Black people. You don’t let any of them work at Google.

Nobody believes your crap about “the evil people at Google are gone, now, the new people are not evil any more”.

Look Kent, we got all of this information from the cops, the news reporters, the citizens groups and your own staff. If they all got it wrong, let us know. We are sitting here with millions of pages of evidence that appear to prove that everything in this letter is true. If you have some stuff that shows that we have a “misunderstanding” of the facts, whip it out and show us. We would be delighted to find out that you are not the seething pit of scum that the media makes you out to be.

Finally, we can do something, with impunity, in this mess. We can call you criminals and abusers of the public trust. We can prove it beyond a doubt on live network TV, in front of Congress, in front of a Special Prosecutor and in front of the judge.

The court that will tear you to shreds, though, is the court of public opinion. You are already frying in that venue.

Also, an interesting thing happened today, the U.S. Department of Justice finally realized that the law requires them to arrest corrupt individuals and not just give fines to corrupt corporations. Ooopsie. It really did just become personal for you guys, didn’t it? Today we have proposed reasons, to DOJ, for the individual arrest of your top 8 corporate officers.

It gets even better, because you: Google, used taxpayer money, to attempt to kill taxpayers and destroy them for political retribution, you get to get convicted of a felony. It is now no longer possible for Treasury to hide the fact that you got the taxpayer money. It is now no longer possible for you: Google, to hide the fact that you took great measures to manually produce attacks on Americans for business and political revenge.

You got us. We got you back.

Payback is a Bitch.


The Folks you tried to kill.


PS: If we find any Chinese or Russian law firms with U.S. offices, to sue you, for us (since they think you suck, too) would you mind paying the court award in Rubles?



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