Boy Buddies: Google’s Larry Page and Tesla’s Elon Musk share a bizarre kind of (((love)))


Boy Buddies: Google’s Larry Page and Tesla’s Elon Musk share a bizarre kind of love


(Opinion) By Audrey Conners

When the secret apartment that Larry Page and Elon Musk use for “special meetings” was uncovered, many assumed the covert flop pad was for naked frolicking but both men have been in the news for notorious heterosexual sex scandals, so the secret sex tryst theory went by the wayside, for awhile.

The reality is that both men share an enabling co-dependent love that is not necessarily physical. They are partners in self-aggrandizing look-at-me self-importance. Together, they have spent more money, than most countries have in their economy, buying self-promoting news stories that are designed to try to make them look like altruistic tech versions of Jesus Christ.

They are so in love with themselves that they cannot stand to go a single day without seeing one of their PR shills publish a story about some fantastic thought that they had about blowing up Mars or time machines. Their sense of self-importance is so massive that they have spent billions on exclusive treatments to try to “make themselves immortal.”

They do not have many patents as sole inventor. They do not know how to do much more than take credit for other people’s work. In fact, The New York Times did an entire feature article about how Larry Page sneaks around and steals technology from small entrepreneurs. They both promote each other as the only people smart enough to invent anything, yet they have not actually invented anything. Their fame is entirely due to the expenditure of billions of dollars buying control of media about themselves.

Many believe that Larry Page and Elon Musk are self-promoting corrupt “assholes” who have bought news outlets and politicians in order to create a facade of significance around them. The bubble that they have so carefully cultivated is as thin as The Emperors New Clothes, though.

They have both been charged with sexually exploiting partners, tax evasion, corporate corruption, stock market fraud, idea theft, fraud in general, political campaign finance fraud and many other illicit deeds.

They both financed, through circuitous routes, the Obama campaign. They both got hundreds of billions of dollars of payola from Obama. Obama has ordered federal law enforcement to “give them a pass”. They are all the bitches of the other.

The public can only hope that some of the law enforcement people, who are not compromised by “lying crooked” political bosses, will finally file the criminal indictments on Mr. Musk and Mr. Page.


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Elon Musk and Larry Page Have the World's Weirdest Friendship

Is Larry Page Sucking Off Musk?


Jason Koebler

Jason Koebler

Images: JDLasika/Flickr &

Friendship is not a black-and-white thing. You might not like how your friend sometimes kinda sorta cheats on his girlfriend. Or you might not like how he or she acts when plastered. Rarely do you or I worry that one of our best friends in the world might destroy humanity.

But we are normals, not CEOs running some of the world's most important companies. SpaceX and Tesla founder Elon Musk and Google cofounder Larry Page are bros. They play video games together, Musk crashes at Page's house all the time. They dream up weird and awesome-sounding ideas while they shoot the shit. This is a photo of them I wanted to use, but couldn't, because it's copyrighted. They like each other.


And yet, Musk thinks that Google, which is investing heavily into artificial intelligence, might eventually cause the downfall of humanity by eventually creating a breed of super intelligent robots that will exterminate us.

This is in direct conflict with Musk's goal, which is to make humans a multi planet species capable of withstanding an asteroid impact. Superintelligent robots probably don't care much about climate change or renewable energy, while we're thinking about it.

"They have a funny relationship. When Elon's in Silicon Valley, he doesn't have a house so he stays at a hotel or goes to his friends' houses. That's how he keeps in touch with people," Ashlee Vance, author of a new biography about Musk, told me. "So, he stays with Larry, but then, at the same time, Elon thinks Larry Page his buddy may very well be working on the end of mankind and some evil AI. He thinks Larry has a good heart, but it's almost too good of a heart, like he's naive about this stuff."

Musk has famously invested $10 million in the Future of Life Institute, which is researching AI safety to keep artificial intelligence "friendly." Meanwhile, Page has said that we must "try to develop artificial intelligence to facilitate access to new forms of knowledge."

But let's dig in a bit on the billionaires' friendship. Page told Vance that he thinks Musk is "inspiring." And he's actually said before that he's thought about leaving all of his money to Musk if he happens to die first—this is, assuming, that Elon weren't going to die immediately after in a robotic uprising.

"[Musk] said, 'Well, what should I really do in this world? Solve cars, global warming, and make humans multi planetary,'" Page told Vance. "Those are pretty compelling goals, and now he has businesses to do that."

Musk and Page occasionally hang out at a secret, Google-owned apartment in Palo Alto, where they bat around ideas. Once, they discussed building an electric jet plane that can take off and land vertically and a separate "commuter plane" that is constantly circling the Earth.

"It's fun for the three of us [including Google cofounder Sergey Brin] to talk about kind of crazy things, and we find stuff that eventually turns out to be real," Page told Vance.

Vance told me he thinks maybe some of these fanciful ideas will actually come true someday: "I think it's a sci fi kind of brainstorming session, where they come up with a thousand ideas and then take one or two of them and try to build it, which is just nuts."

Sounds kind of like some conversations I've had. Except with, you know, an actual chance of happening.

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