Burning Man Aggregates The Single Largest Collection of Silicon Valley Assholes On Earth

Burning Man people don’t care what you say about them. Most of them know that they are utterly narcissistic sex and drug crazed idiots with no concept of consequences. They live for the next rationalization. They acquire all of the drugs, the mindless sex and the vapid cult-like BS they desire at Burning Man, so they are willing to endure the bright lights of public derision.

There are almost no black people at Burning Man. Burning Man is a “look at us White Folks” kind of thing.

There are almost no people at Burning Man who are not on medication or who do not need to be deeply medicated.

There are no “burners” who tolerate any outsiders who do not comply with their delusions.

There are almost no women at Burning Man who are not dressed as hookers yet they scream all day about “women’s rights” and “equal appreciation”. Women at Burning Man allow strangers to come up and squeeze their boobs.

There are almost no Burning Man people who have ever actually thought about the fact that they are copying a Mel Gibson movie (Mad Max) made by a corporation in order to try to be anti-corporate.

90% of the people at Burning Man have Herpes, 30% have HIV/AIDS and over 1000 people get a new case of Syphilis at each new Burning Man.

Hundreds of young women are date raped at Burning Man, in drug-induced stupors, and the amnesiac effects of the drugs used prevent them from even remembering the date rapes.

Law enforcement bugs every internet network and phone App that can touch the Burning Man site.

The dust at Burning Man is filled with toxic materials from Nevada weapons tests.

Everything at Burning Man is covered in dirt and dust.

So WHY do you want to go to Burning Man?

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